Sunday, 17 February 2013

Smiles 48:365

Today was day 2 of Fasnacht celebrations with the parade through the town of all the floats and groups and more bands! Throwing confetti is order of the day for spectators - and also catching sweets if you're a child! And who could fail to smile at a handful of confetti thrown in the air and showering into your hood?

It's a festival for all the family - here's one if the younger members of the parade - happily blowing his whistle - whilst wearing ear defenders. (That's one of the rules of the parade!)

Other things that made me smile
First run in 10 days.
Jude and Isaac's delight at telling me about the rude confetti cannon that I missed - you can imagine I'm sure....
Singing a song at a church that I hadn't sung since I was about 13!
Being 'recruited' by @bellaale for his #wonderacademy
Professor Brian Cox.
The thought that because I look like a skier, I must have been good at it :D

Smile in other languages
In Hungarian - mosolyog

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