Sunday, 10 February 2013

Smiles 41:365

A bundle more smiles today after not much sleep. Once more, edited highlights as I lost count of the smiles! But I have to say thank you to everyone today who kept me going when I was losing my smile. You are the best x

My #ililc3/MFLTwitterati friends have all been donating the Horlicks that was in their rooms at the Highfield House Hotel to the 'Lisibo needs Horlicks as she can't buy it in Switzerland' appeal. And the lovely @crepeaunutella, who frankly has better things to do as she has a tiny baby, bought me a tub of the stuff. Thank you so much Isabelle xxx

Alex, Jackie and I won the Tarsia challenge - and promptly has to sing Sur le pont d'Avignon to signify we'd finished! Great activity!

At lunchtime, in need of a smile, I met Merlin - and his daddy, John. He has his own blog and belongs to Annalise who also made me smile when I needed it most by giving me some white chocolate buttons.

And arriving home after a 7 hour + journey made me smile a lot - John has made me a drink and run the bath :o) No place like home!
Here's my boy with an interesting icicle.

Smiles in other languages
In Latin - risio

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