Monday, 4 February 2013

Smiles 35:365

I had a stressful day so I was glad to sit down in the bay window of Orell Fussli earlier to enjoy a hot chocolate with David Millar. Well, his book anyway!

Things that made me smile today.
The multitude of kind medical staff who have put up with me mangling their language, didn't treat me like a mad woman and let me speak English when I became incomprehensible!
The lovely young lady who repaired John's glasses - for nothing and offered me a coffee whilst I waited for the favour.
My kind friend who gave the boys a lift home to save me the trip - and she's not well either. Get well soon Lisa xx
John who has brought me a present in America :o)
Isaac's German homework which featured a character called Inspector Louis Fliegenpfiff (I'm easily amused!)
Reading a brilliant article about cheating by a talented friend.

Smiles in other languages
In Galician - un sorriso

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