Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Smiles 36:365

I was working today so an early start, made better by the view of snowy mountains across the lake on my journey. I was the wrong side to take a photo but I remedied that on the way home.

And at break time I spied the biggest snowball ever, over 4 feet tall, being scaled, slid off and generally enjoyed by the kids. Health and safety is not disregarded but less uptight here!

Things that made me smile today
I warned a child that, if they continued talking in a test, I'd move them to sit next to the guillotine. They looked stricken until I explained that I meant the paper cutter. It's easy to forget that most of the kids aren't English and my everyday language can be quite baffling. 'Poorly' is another one that I've had to explain as in someone being poorly.
Making up silly sing and dances with the boys always makes me grin. And them too as long as its not on public!
A passage in the book I'm reading - a work of fiction I must add - in which the narrator suggests that 'A German, on average, produces twice as much faeces as a Frenchman' Interesting! :0S He then starts on the language...
The most gorgeous video of a tiny baby having a bath that I saw posted on FB. (can't find the link though!)

Smile in other languages
In Polish - Uśmiech

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