Friday, 15 February 2013

Smiles 46:365

At last - documentary evidence of me on skis. True, it only documents that I wore them, not that I actually went anywhere on them but still! There are many people who thought it would never happen!

No skiing today though as we're home but, having cleaned the car after an unfortunate incident involving car sickness on the way home, we popped off to Kreuzlingen and Konstanz for a walk and lunch. Below is the 'family' I found by the Sealife Centre. Think they need feeding up!

Other things that made me smile today
Conversation in the car was hilarious but unrepeatable - needless to say, as I have two boys, it involved bodily functions and getting a word slightly wrong! 
John bought me some flowers - we sort of 'forgot' Valentine's Day as we were up a mountain! And Pancake Day too come to think of it!
It was good to wake in my own bed this morning!

Smile in other languages
In Belarussian - ўсміхацца

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