Sunday, 3 February 2013

Smiles 34:365

Light snow today made me smile, as did going for a run after a week of resting my Achilles and also having a cold. Eich Wald is so pretty, whatever the weather!

I also smiled broadly at the amount of earwax Jude had in his ears when I investigated this morning. With his shiny mop of hair, he can hide lots in those ears... I'll spare you a picture but it was a multi cotton bud job - and very satisfying!

Things I heard that made me smile today
'Is there anything I can do to help you, Mum?'
'I'll be trying out the inflight wifi' 
Top Gear - and watching the boys laugh made me smile even more.

Things that didn't make me smile so much
'I've trodden on my glasses - can you try and get them fixed?' said John as he left for the airport early this morning to fly to USA.

Smiles in other languages
In Yup'ik - Quuyurni

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