Saturday, 30 March 2013

Smiles 89:365

A rainy Easter Saturday and a visit to Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum in Zürich. "Kids are free" always makes me smile, and there was plenty to see. Favourite sections were the swords and armour (Jude), the Swiss political cartoons (Isaac) the Swiss wheel (me) and the comfy leather sofa (John) in the Animali exhibition.
I also quite enjoyed the 'TV studio' and pretending to present the weather, ably filmed by Jude! See the smile?

Whilst we were taking a break in the Bistro, Jude asked "Where's Peck-ing?" We thought he meant Peckham (although this was strange as we were in Zürich) then we noticed the clocks on the wall showed the time in New York, Zürich and ... Peking. Love him - he had no idea that Beijing used to be called Peking!

Smile in other languages
As Kate Mosse's Sepulchre starts tonight, today it's Occitan!
In Occitan - sorire

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