Sunday, 30 June 2013

Smiles 181:365

Chocolate caliente y churros ¡ñam, ñam!

Albanifest ends tonight, and with it the sight of fairground rides mixed up with historical building, and screaming people appearing over your head as you walk along the street! Here's Maxximum juxtaposed with the Kunsthaus where the engraving above the door reads "Der Kunst und Wissenschaft" (art and knowledge") 

And then it looped the loop!

Won't be sorry to see the back of the rubbish but I'll miss the food stalls - as will the boys!

New series of Top Gear too!

Smiles 180:365

It's my beautiful little sister's birthday today.

She makes me smile anyway but these photos made me smile extra broadly.

Love you Dewdrop xx

Friday, 28 June 2013

Smiles 179:365

Albanifest has hit Winterthur. The place is heaving, smells like a multicultural kitchen with all the stalls, and looks very pretty at night with all the rides lit up.
Here's the "Winti Wheel' hiding behind the Old People's centre (white building)!

I've videoed another ride that made me want to vomit just watching but had to be seen to be believed. I'll try and post it tomorrow.

And I know I've already shared this on FB but it really tickled me!

Quite enjoying Seasick Steve on TV from Glastonbury too.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Smiles 178:365

There are so many lovely gardens/communal areas for flats around here - this is the one by the new development near ISW. In fact, it's built on the site of the first building inhabited by ISW and is opposite the second! The sculpture's been there since we arrived but the garden is only just completed.

Jude told me that he liked 'Monkey Jigsaw' trees.

Isaac, as only my son could, missed the Grünglas container with a bottle and "recycled" it by smashing it on his feet.

John returned from Denmark.

We had curry for tea - always the source of lots of smiles!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Smiles 177:365

I loved this image shared by a friend on FB from this blog. I saw poppies today but in such profusion! They were popping out from between ears of wheat near Neftenbach.

This made Jude smile - he's a sucker for cuddly small animals!

Isaac and I  cycled 13 miles which made us very happy! And it was beautiful.

Isaac saw a shop called Barf today on our cycle ride.

The drama of Wimbledon also made for lots of smiles.

And I finished another good book. Got to wait until October for the next one in the series though :(

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Smiles 176:365

I've been tidying up my email inbox (it was in need of some filing!) and came across this photograph from Carolina's birthday party. Brought back great memories, some of which I'd forgotten (like my bunny fingers!)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Smiles 175:365

 I'm not entirely sure that John actually does any work when he goes to Denmark judging by these photographs. But they did make me smile as they are of rather good, and they're also of Helsingor, home of Hamlet.

And that reminded me of last year's Grade 4 performing said play; they rotated parts so that Jude ended up playing Ophelia at the point where Hamlet yells at her 'Get thee to a nunnery!'

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Smiles 174:365

I feel the need to burst into "All things bright and beautiful" quite often when I'm up a mountain/in a valley/looking down on a lake etc. In fact, I want to burst out singing all sorts of songs. Never 'The hills are alive with the sound of music' though. 
And I daren't sing loudly as the boys will disown me. And that would never do.

Back to Say cheese in other languages today -
In Kannada - ನಗಿ (nagu)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Smiles 173:365

We went to Flums and rode the Floomzer! Jude and I kept each other 'safe' although Jude wasn't so sure we were safe when I decided to go full pelt around the bends!

We survived though (I was more worried about the chairlift than the Floomzer!)

Then we climbed back up the mountain to enjoy the view again. 

Although it has to be said that the boys were somewhat distracted by beetles... which made me laugh!

 Great day out even if the sun wasn't shining very strongly!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Smiles 172:365

I went for coffee in Tibits with Lisa and Debbie this morning. Lisa doesn't drink coffee so she had a green tea but we were rather taken aback when her drink arrived with what looked like a mini sea anemone in it!

Just missing inclusion last night was the news from my friend Jo that her eldest son has been made Head Boy of his school. A huge achievement for him. Well done Sam!

Rebecca on Cheers suggested that her boyfriend hadn't noticed that she's no good in bed "because he's English."
Well really! Made me smile though. 

As did the man playing panpipes in the park for the wedding guests today. Many and varied songs floated over the hedge including Something Stupid and The Birdie Song. I Audioboo-ed him so I had it captured for posterity!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Smiles 171:365

Jude announced on our evening walk "I apologize for breaking into a random skipping spasm."  Isaac then joined in, promptly losing a Croc!

Spain won 10-0 against Tahiti. Not exactly an evenly matched contest...

It was actually cool at 10pm rather than as hot as at 12pm. 

I managed to run for an hour this morning without dying of heat exhaustion. Should've waited until 10pm obviously!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Smiles 170:365

This made me smile as it's so true!

As did this. I do prefer to smile. And I try to do so as much as possible which explains my "smile lines" ;o)

Thank goodness that the temperature was marginally more bearable today thanks to the thunderstorm last night. Nothing like a Swiss thunderstorm. A quick dip at the Badi helped us bear it too. (To think we were moaning it was too cold only a couple of weeks ago!)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Smiles 169:365

This time last year - look how much the boys have grown! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Smiles 168:365

I saw these in Migros today and it made me think of the Pickups so obviously I smiled! And took a picture ;o)

Also finished another Scotland Street book - they're very amusing although I so feel sorry for Bertie!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Smiles 167:365

The Zürcher Kantonalmusikfest in Winterthur this weekend meant lots of flags flying around the town - and on the front of the buses. Looked very colourful and the sunshine helped bring a smile to faces. As did the wonderful music. Nothing like some rousing brass bands to raise the spirits!
Here's an Audioboo and a video.

And these beautiful poppies made me smile. Glad the men on the slacklines didn't squish them!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Smiles 166:365

Thanks to Doug for sharing today's smile!

A beautiful day, a new pair of Camper shoes and a trumpet concert over the phone by Jude for Grandpa Ray's birthday also made me smile today! Also being asked if I invented Rock paper scissor lizard Spock - if only!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Smiles 165:365

What a day! 

It was Teachers' Appreciation Lunch at ISW today when the PA prepare a meal for the staff as a thank you for all their hard. This year it was moved from the penultimate day of school to the teacher only day after the last day which meant that teachers could enjoy their meal without worrying about an afternoon of teaching. They certainly enjoyed their  Indian feast today - and we enjoyed the leftovers. And Prosecco of course. 
I think it's a great way to say thank you and recognize the efforts of staff throughout the year in educating encouraging and nurturing our children. 

The room was beautifully decorated and as we cleared up, Anu decided I needed to be dressed in a sari. A beautiful blue one too - and then we all ended up dressed in saris. I now feel the need to get one as I loved it! And what a wonderful memory to take with me as I left ISW for the final time. 

And then, the best news that we've been awaiting for too long - Isaac has a place back at his old school. HURRAH!! 

So that was the cue for more Prosecco! 

Smiles 164:365

Today's smiles are dedicated to "friends and divas" at International School of Winterthur. Term ended today and goodbyes are so sad... But we've shared some unforgettable times that can never be taken away. 
So here's to you all, my Prosecco girls xxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Smiles 163:365

My friend Karen posted this on her FB wall today so I thought I'd share it. 

And then another friend Lyndsay posted this cable reel on her FB page. 

Thanks both of you for the smiles we've shared :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Smiles 162:365

I always smile on the bus when I see this sign. I particularly like the 'do not saw the seats' image. I mean, isn't that the first thing that you think to do when to get into a bus?

Grade 4 presented Macbeth in Schloss Hegi this afternoon. In the original language. Brilliant!

And I liked this quotation from Sir Edmund Hillary.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Smiles 161:365

Lots of smiles today. 

Jude graduated from PYP at ISW. 

Isaac won the award for his Grade for the highest grade average over the year. A fiercely fought battle it was too!

Very proud of my boys. 

And smiles (as well as some tears) at my last Zumba class. I'm going to miss the Zumba girls - and that includes Caro and Maqui! I may go to Zumba again but nothing will ever match Zumba with Miranda - window cleaning, light bulb changing, dancing with George, 'dulce de leche', Waka waka and bullfighting is only the half of it. I'll miss you xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Smiles 160:365

In spite of waking up deaf in one ear and having a headache that has been lingering for days, I have smiled pretty much all day. A fine day, a long run and time with my boys have kept me happy. And the words "From the mountains to the valleys, Hear our praises rise to you" were given new meaning as we sang them at church in Switzerland, land of majestic mountains and beautiful valleys.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Smiles 159:365

ISW graduation.

A trip to the Badi.

And a bubbly footspa.

Triple whammy of smiles!

Say cheese in other languages
In Japanese you say Sei, no! / はい、チーズ! (hai, chiizu!)