Friday, 28 February 2014

MoreSmiles 59:365

I've got Sprüngli chocolates! 
 A good run this morning, the arrival of a replacement UP band, sunshine and the end of a looong week all made me smile too!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

MoreSmiles 58:365

New funky boots (they're purple although they look red here!)

And another delivery - my @lisibo stickers have arrived ready to apply to any conference badge. It'll help people recognise me I hope without me having to permanently wear a kilt, red tam o' shanter and pigtails. 

Auditioning y6 for a talent show was fun - very brave kids singing, performing magic and delivering one liners in front of their classmates and submitting themselves to a vote. Can't stop singing Titanium now though! 

And sunshine. So beautiful. Jealous of those who can see the Aurora but I enjoyed the sunshine!

MoreSmiles 57:365

Thanks to Viv for sharing this. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

MoreSmiles 56:365

Two parcels today - new MOO cards and a new pair of boots!

Sewing Bee always makes me smile as I wouldn't have the first clue of what to do, although I'd love to be one of their models; I'd like to challenge them to make me a pair of trousers and accommodate my oddly sized calves! Which reminds me - I wonder who did end up with my purple boots?

A new book and a nearly early night!

Monday, 24 February 2014

MoreSmiles 55:365

An INSET day at school - very interesting and helpful. And I managed to tidy my cupboard so I'm happy! Just got to finish my stock take list so I have a written record of what's in there.

Nice to go to school and return in daylight - and the traffic wasn't too bad either. Shopping went without a glitch and I even had time to get some petrol before picking up Jude.

Normal day - no dramas - still smiling!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

MoreSmiles 54:365

My neighbour in Winti told me "you puzzle people because the Swiss don't walk around smiling for no apparent reason." Perhaps she had a point given the quotation above. 

Being 'starred' person in worship group usually means you have to get out and put away the music, but today I was "preacher's pet" as I came in on time for all the songs in pre-church rehearsals. That made me smile :)

A run with (so far!) no ill effects. 

Liverpool won 4-3 against Swansea. 

Dinner was delicious although we need more duck next time!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

MoreSmiles 53:365

I have finally won a game of Ruzzle! In fact, I've won 4 times since this. 

Looking forward to the arrival of a new pair of boots on Tuesday. Ordering them made me smile. 

More skiing carnage at the Winter Olympics amused me - very well timed to fit with half term!

And the boys once more made me laugh with a hastily rewritten pop song at bedtime. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

MoreSmiles 52:365

Curling tights. Come on GB! (Silver isn't too shoddy!)

A good day speaking to and talking with PGCE students at Leicester University about technology. 
Delicious lunch too!

And Prosecco for tea. 

Thanks to John Sutton for the chocolate; no need as I can't even recall what you said last week ;) 

And sun is always very welcome and smile-making! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

MoreSmiles 51:365

A run - short but very sweet!

Finishing a good book. 

A very sad boy made happy by some shopping at Currys. 

And an interesting way of sharing things from an iPad...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

MoreSmiles 50:365

Today is a good day for smiling. 

Watching Winter Olympics in bed. 
Improved back pain - still sore but not sharp. 
Some mad skiing action as well as curling agony and ecstasy. 
A walk to the shops with Jude, always good for a chat. 
A beautifully written blog post by a friend about coming through a period of depression. 
Lots of retweets of various things I've said or written. 
Dinner at Pizza Express - delicious! 
Silly songs at bedroom. My boys are hilarious!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

MoreSmiles 49:365

February 18th is always going to be a tricky day. But memories bring smiles as well as tears. Eating liquorice, steamed puddings for tea, yelling some choice phrases and stomping up the stairs to pretend-steal a cuddly dog all made us smile, as did our decision to stop short of causing ourselves injury just do we could apply the obligatory steri-strips that would so often be required after a "little mishap". 
Barcelona beat Man City watched by BBB (that'd meet with approval) and the Winter Olympics was spectacular. 
Couldn't find any yellow roses today but I have tulips and pictures. 
Love you higher than the sky Daddy x

Monday, 17 February 2014

MoreSmiles 48:365

Not much to smile about when you can hardly move because your back is so sore and in spasm, and then you start vomiting.

However, my nephew Robert came to visit and greeted me with a smile and said "Li Li Liii sa" -and didn't mention 'Grangra' which makes a change. 
And Harry Isaac and Jude made yet another movie - always good for a laugh. 
Plus seeing my little sister is certainly smile inducing. 

Every cloud...

And Isaac left me this on my phone!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

MoreSmiles 47:365

Being flat on my back with my back/hip in spasm and quite painful isn't going to stop me finding something to make me smile!

I've been looked after by my boys. Cups of tea with straws, liquorice bars appearing on my pillow as I snoozed, 'keeping me company' in shifts and flowers delivered to by the bed where I am currently stuck.

Norwegian curling trousers are very smile inducing too.

As was the Olympic spirit of Dario Cologna winning gold but insisting on waiting for the last man to finish so that he could shake his hand. 

A lovely moon too. 

And solving the mystery of how Clumsy Ninjas images kept appearing on my Facebook page also made me smile. Cheeky Harry!

Here's to more smiles and less discomfort tomorrow!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

MoreSmiles 46:365

A lie in makes the world seem better (even if your alarm clock goes off at 6am and needs hitting before you go back to sleep!)

A fun shopping trip and quite tasty lunch.

Splash final and lots of time for (catching up on) blogging.

It's the little things!

MoreSmiles 45:365

Too tired to post last night so catch up time!

An early start was made better by this bag by the kettle at 6am! Thank you John x

More smiles as I tweeted with @MissJ0nes as we 'sped' (ha ha!) on the train from opposite ends of the British Isles to meet in York with others for a day of research (brain imploded with information overload!)

Great to see Thérèse and many other familiar faces in York - shame I missed Suzi though.

Good to be home after another rail nightmare - I am NOT travelling by train on a Friday evening again - and thanks to John for picking me up from Birmingham with Medjool dates to calm me!
However I did get a chocolate lolly from the guard who called me 'young lady'

Big thank yous from the boys for the chocolates I left outside their rooms this morning.  

And the new PPA timetable sees me teaching Year 2 - WA-HOOOO!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

MoreSmiles 44:365

A beautiful sunrise.

Isaac made lamb koftas for dinner - delicious!

I enjoyed teaching ICT just about all day even when I was teaching Spanish! And I enjoyed the smiles on children's faces; I know something's going right if there are smiles even when it's tricky.

Hula hooping in my assembly made me smile - I wasn't very good but a Year 4 boy was brilliant!

Looking forward to watching Les Mis on the way home from York tomorrow.

And John came home - whoop!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

MoreSmiles 43:365

A round of applause for my magical paper folding skills. In fact, two rounds of applause; one from each class.

My regular Wednesday morning chat with the lad in 6CF who puts out the chairs, telling me all about his trip to London yesterday to see The Globe theatre. He told me last week about how much he loves Shakespeare and wants to go to Stratford to see a play. One of my favourite times of the week!

Cheerful greetings from Year 6 as they came into school, and the bemused enquiries about why I was sitting in the dark.

Being told that my teaching was outstanding and that my telling of a story was 'powerful and moving' - never heard Oso Marrón described as that before but as Frank Carson said "It's the way I tell 'em" ;)

And I finished my display so that the whole school can admire our new obsession with mini books and Spanish!

Another early night as I still have a splitting headache, 28 hours after it started. Boooo!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MoreSmiles 42:365

A big blue stripy puppet and I had great fun this afternoon with Y3, making them giggle and squeal as we 'helped' them write mini books. No mini book casualties today (But I did fold them all and use a template with a dotted line on it so it was a bit hard to go wrong when they cut the all important slit!)
Great mini books with many 'bichos' deciding to compete at the Olympics, go to the disco or fire themselves from a cannon after their bingeing!

Great enthusiasm from Y5 in their intensive Spanish lesson - I loved the way that they enjoyed every new challenge I gave them that veered away from the basic sentences, treating it as a great privilege.

And my boys are looking after me in my fragile state as I try to deal with extreme tiredness, an incessant headache and no John at home. Lots of hugs - much appreciated.

Early night I think so blogging will have to wait. Again :(

This time two years ago...

Monday, 10 February 2014

MoreSmiles 41:365

I am so tired today that the little things have made me smile.

Loveheart sweets in the staff room to encourage us to spread the love to the children in Valentines week. 
Mini book creation with y4 - 7/30 managed to cut the wrong bit. In the afternoon, one Y5 class managed to all make it correctly whilst the other had two 'casualties' but was complicated by the flow in and out if pupils for reading interventions. 
John had made all the beds up again after we'd stripped them this morning. 
It was suggested on Twitter that I'd be good on CBeebies. 
I'm going to bed early.

And then there was this note. Made me day, wonky spelling and all!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

MoreSmiles 40:365

Last night...
today and ...
back at home.

A wonderful weekend and a beautiful sunset over the Thames as I nipped across London on the way home. Bus beats Tube (no vertigo issues!)
I am utterly cream crackered now though!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

MoreSmiles 39:365

Knobs, dongles and Gove pincushions.
Ukeleles, mini books and phonic raps. Batalla de cojos, green suede heels and great friends. 

All good reasons to smile on a rainy day!

Friday, 7 February 2014

MoreSmiles 38:365

I've finally arrived in Southampton after an eventful trip.

I'm smiling because I'm with friends, I am not without hope and, when the train was delayed, I only had me to look after rather than having to arrange child care for small children for an indefinite period over the phone that kept losing signal like the poor lady opposite me.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

MoreSmiles 37:365

Utterly pooped today but smiles at school today at an assembly without chatting, lessons without aggravation and an ICT lesson that apparently had the kids buzzing!

And tomorrow I'm going to Southampton!
(Is this last year or the year before??)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

MoreSmiles 36:365

This made me smile - looks like Konstanz but I didn't see this particular crossing ;)

And the staff meeting was fun.

Oh, and I had an observation that went quite well too!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

MoreSmiles 35:365

My FB video made me smile today as it featured photos from years ago about which I'd forgotten!

And it rained! Didn't make me smile but the above that I made in Switzerland did!

Monday, 3 February 2014

MoreSmiles 34:365

On Monday I smiled because:
Y3 were amused by my collection of Tshirts worn in RE to demonstrate how what we wear shows belonging.
One of my Y5s who has mobility issues really got into the Spanish lesson and was having a whale of a time punching syllables and doing actions.
And this image!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

MoreSmiles 33:365

Good to be back in worship group, even if I did get hit over the head by an exuberant worshipping Barbara. Soon solved by removing my microphone from the stand and moving closer to Phil. Also meant I could read his large words ;)

And a very pleasing run on a sunny albeit cold afternoon. Having trouble breathing in the cold so I was very pleased with my average pace. Picture is the edge of the Country Valley Park as I sped past; that's flooding not a lake!

I knew Jude had a plan at lunchtime when he approached me with a smile on his face and eyelashes fluttering... sharing bags of crisps is not a problem for me, unlike John who ate an entire bag of M&S cheesy tasters all by himself.

Isaac's ability to balance his entire body in something akin to the lotus position on the tiny saddle of his bike is quite impressive and certainly causes a smile as I pass and wonder where the rest of his body has gone.

And John in cycling gear is always worth a smile ;)

Finally - this song is by someone I knew in youth group and last saw about 25 years ago! I like it - listen to the words (and they're below the video on Youtube too)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

MoreSmiles 32:365

I love laminating.
And I love The Bridge. 
Two reasons to be smiling on a Saturday night!

I had to smile when I retweeted something implying England had beaten France a moment too soon as France scored a try. 
I bought new pink and green biros after I laundered the old ones. New stationery always makes me smile!

PS The ending of The Bridge did NOT make me smile.