Monday, 30 September 2013

Smiles 273:365

Small improvements on my usual Monday but progress nonetheless. I came home without a headache and I wasn't utterly exhausted.
Lots of smiles at school today, starting at 8.30am when the 4 kids in the playground tried to help me find interesting angles for photographs and laughed their socks off at me lying on the floor with my head through a tyre!
And Year 5 were impressed by my Swiss photographs - I did tell them it's easy to take a good picture when the scenery is that spectacular!
Home to a clean house - big big smile!
And I got a parcel from Little Linguist at school - goodies :D
Best of all, I managed to get a decent sound out of my cornet mouthpiece in Year4's brass lesson.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Smiles 272:365

Things that made me smile today -

Looking through photos of Switzerland in 2003 - "Jude and the apple" is an all time classic
Showing Jude how to make a Wordle  - was worth the persuasion as he liked it as did his French teacher although she wasn't sure about his inclusion of Klingon as a language!
Isaac and Jude volunteering to help at Holiday Club without any prompting.
Another run - in the sunshine - longer than the last and still no ill effects.
A wave of people offering to vouch for my speaking skills - made me feel all warm inside!
And John's picture of me at Library of Birmingham - I don't look too bad!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Smiles 271:365

I wasn't sure before I saw it in real life but I'm convinced now. The Library of Birmingham is a thing of beauty. We could have spent hours exploring but what we saw was very impressive. I'll certainly be back for more. (more pics on my Flickr feed)
Inside was good too...

And right downstairs, my boys made me smile by "Cycling a mile for Harry"(Moseley) on exercise bikes - and refusing to give up until they had fine their mile!

We then left for an "I've been paid" lunch - Jude wanted to try sushi (and had taken his own chopsticks!) and try it we did. I'm still full hours later. I had to smile at Isaac's attempts with chopsticks but he persevered! 

And finally, finally! I have a new phone. It is a sleek thing of beauty - and works too ­čśë

Friday, 27 September 2013

Smiles 270:365

I've been for a run. Only 1.6 miles, and slowly, but never has a slow short run made me feel so ecstatic! Hurrah hurray and yippee!
Now to build up the miles. 

And yes, I will be a good girl and take it slowly! 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Smiles 269:365

Today I have smiled as two friends updated me on their lives post-ISW.

I smiled at the enthusiasm of Y3 to "play with" 2D shapes and write stories in my Spanish lesson.

I smiled when I found that I did have enough Spanish books after all - hurrah!

And I had to smile at the inability of some kids to talk 'quietly'; it seems that some just don't have a 'little voice' or a volume control.

Biggest smile? Looking out of Isaac's window and seeing that my very special rose bush, that has lasted nearly 2 years without me looking after it and looks in need of some TLC, has a yellow rose on it. Love you Dad x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Smiles 267 and 268:365

A tale of two cupcakes!

A pupil said to me as she lined up on Tuesday "I've got a cupcake for you in my locker." I asked if she'd made one for the class and had one left for me, and she said "no, I made one for you and one for Mrs R-D."  I nearly burst into tears in front of the class, I was so touched! When you don't have your own class, work part-time and are nomadic, little things like that mean the world! Bless you L xx

And today, after International Day at WPS dressed in my Dirndl and fighting hard all day to contain the excitement in my classroom (and outside it when Y6 went on my Swiss QR trail)  to a reasonable level of noise, and then another staff meeting after yesterday's, and then driving home through Birmingham in rush hour traffic, I was called upon to make cupcakes for a bake sale tomorrow. I love Jude's generosity and willingness to throw himself into all sorts of activities, and am proud of him volunteering to help raise money for a sick child, but I really was not in the mood for baking. I did though - having gone to Tesco Express in my PJs - and I have to admit that they tasted rather good. So much better with self-raising flour (take the hint, Switzerland!)

Other smiles over the last two days -
dance staff meeting at WCPS - we were awesome!
GBBO - Howard was annoying us with his voice.
some of the beautiful outfits today, especially the girl with the chopsticks in her hair, and the Greek goddess Athena.
a hot bath!

NB - the above picture does NOT depict my cupcakes but it made me smile!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Smiles 266:365

Not been the best day but I've still smiled. 

The looks on the faces of some staff at briefing this morning as it was announced that the Head had bought a double decker bus for the school grounds. 
The children who greet me with a cheery ¡Hola! 
Managing to mark all the books I needed to mark in the time I'd allotted. 
The return of Only Connect. 
Laughing with my boys at Sean Locke's desire to have a meerkat. 

And recalling the conversation yesterday about this lovely lopsided boar and his large 'equipment'  ;) 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Smiles 265:365

Two big smiles today!

We went to the Pear Tree Creperie for lunch - spinach and cheese galette with carrot salad followed by pear tart and M├Âvenpick ice-cream. Jude was impressed by John's flamb├ęd cr├¬pe :)

And I went for a ride on my bike. My first exercise in 7 weeks and it felt soooo good! Not quite as good as running but I cycled as fast as I could so I really got my heart pumping.
And the Country Valley park is still wonderful!

My phone died as I tried to Runkeeper my ride so here's a photograph from my archives! My bike when it was new in front of the Lindengut Museum in Winterthur. (Miss my Winti but it always makes me smile to think of it!)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Smiles 264:365

Pansies on my doorstep - that looks more like home! Only took a week for them to make their way into the pot - and I'm just glad they survived 36 hours in the boot of the car...

Orange eyes thanks to the opticians caused smiles - not necessarily mine!

Posting things on eBay caused stress but also some smiles as the boys tried to value the items and decide on the opening amount!

And having been utterly bamboozled and thoroughly depressed by HMRC, I was cheered to find some of my leaving cards and had to smile at the child you wrote 'I will miss your smile. It's the only thing that made Spanish lessons worthwhile.' I don't think she meant it the way it sounds but you never know...

Friday, 20 September 2013

Smiles 263:365

The 'I don't like iOS7' amused me today - although I don't like it much either!

Jude's friends lying on the pavement made me smile, as did the little girl who was determined I was going to speak to her and not her Dad in Starbucks!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Smiles 262:365

 Bogdan has joined our family amidst great joy and celebration, his imminent arrival having been tracked for the last week or so as he travelled across the globe from Meerkovo, 2271 miles apparently!

Eziel (the meerkat!) decided to photobomb this welcome shot!

Smiles as I met and re-met parents of children in Jude's year at school as we attended a meeting about the Year 7 residential. Amazing how many parents I recognised, some from back when Isaac was at play group and nursery, let alone Jude!

Aimee taught me something I didn't know about iOS7 that was bugging me - and me the ADE!

And Thursday is my Friday as no work (apart from planning!) so a relieved smile that I don't have to stand up all day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Smiles 261:365

My boy's been elected to school council.

A child spontaneously hugged me the corridor this morning with a huge grin on their face. Made me feel a million dollars!

Year 3 giggling at my silly hat changing to teach Se├▒or, Se├▒ora and Se├▒orita - and Year 6 liked it too in their "we're year 6 and it is a bit juvenile really, Miss but it's vaguely amusing" way!

Making it home in less than 25 minutes despite hitting 'rush hour' traffic.

Laughing at TBBT with the boys.

And this quotation :O)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Smiles 260:365

When it's raining and I'm tired, it's hard to smile but there are lots of things for which I can be thankful.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Smiles 259:365

Monday ICT lesson - taking pictures of tyres with 30 kids and iPads. That made me smile as I managed not to lose anyone (although I did resort to a lot of 'you over there, come here!' when I forgot names) and nothing was broken! :)

Also smiled at a new high score on Diamond Dash (great for relaxing - apologies if I accidentally sent you a request - my iPhone jammed mid game and started playing up) and at managing to get home from work without getting stuck at Perry Barr.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Smiles 258:365

This time last year, I found this magic box. Made me smile then and makes me smile now!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Smiles 257:365

First rehearsal for Christmas Cabaret today - hurrah! So pleased to be back home so I can take part, although the WPS staff do means I can only sing on Saturday :(
Still, I'm very very excited. Whilst I am far less talented than many of my Cabaret colleagues, I love singing and will give it my all. And that includes choking on fake snow whilst trying to sing ;)

Also enjoyed a trip to the garden centre (although I swear I have never been there with John as he insists!) and smiled as my little boy kept me up to date on the women's triathlon only to realise later that it had happened this morning so I could have googled the result!

Thought for the day:

Smiles 256:365

My nephew received a big box of chocolate bars for his birthday. He was ecstatic as he is obsessed with chocolate. In fact, it was one of his first words, and is always very very clearly enunciated.
He was apparently beside himself with joy at this box and rummaged through it, looking lovingly at each purple wrapper and no doubt thinking about eating them!
Happy birthday Bob from Auntie Pig-Bird xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Smiles 255:365

Many smiles today at school: the funny things that the children at school say and the questions that they ask (although no one asked me about living in Sweden today!), banter in the staffroom about residential trips and the sheer joy on the faces of Year 3 when they realised that it was OK to stick out their tongues at me! And the biggest smile of all at Jane's FB status informing me that she'd been practising a Spanish song to teach her class and that she hoped I was impressed. I am. And smiling!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Smiles 254:365

It's been a looooong day! School including break duty and a staff meeting after school, and then straight to a Parent's Information evening at BVGS about GCSEs. Out of the house for 13 hours.

However, I had a wonderful morning with Year3 who were full of enthusiasm but also listened really well. It was good to talk to (a few of) Isaac's teachers and hear that he's settled back really well. and Jude is really pleased as his trumpet teacher says he can try Grade 4 and re-join the Ensemble - and he's amused that I'll be learning the bugle with Year4! I sense I will be given 'private instruction'!!

Today's picture is the Honour Roll at BVGS - the board with Uncle alex on it has been moved to Big School!

Smiles 253:365

As several little boys that I know started school today, I thought back to my (first) little boy starting school. Where has the time gone?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Smiles 252:365

This time last year....

Stein am Rhein - that was the day we met a man dressed as Jack Sparrow. Like you do!
A good day at school (although I'm exhausted!) 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Smiles 251:365

I looooove laminating!!!  I am a laminatrix (someone else referred to me as this at a conference at which I confessed my passion and admitted to having laminated my hair by accident.)

Other smiles today -
A sunny start to the day.
A little boy, probably about 18 months old, walking into church wearing his big sister's pink plastic play stilettos! So cute!
The boys playing with their cousin - always fun to watch.
My nephew greeted me by name. Several times!
Chocolate cake for tea. 
A whole day without my boot!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Smiles 250:365

Nearly a whole day without my airboot :)

Fresh clean washing.

My first drive of the new car (very smooth!)

New series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Last Night of the Proms

Too many quips from the boys to capture - they are so funny, and very very quick!

And this lovely thought I saw on Facebook. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Smiles 249:365

Biggest smile of the day...

I can stop wearing my air boot. Although it is lovely and spangly and has served me well, it is very hot inside it and there is subsequently a rather ripe aroma that emanates from it when removed.
I still need to wear it for parts of the day whilst I get used to walking again, and I'll need to keep hold of my crutches for a bit, but I can wear two shoes - or no shoes - again :)
Running is still a way off but progress has been made! I'll get back to Core first and do all my exercises from the physio to improve my balance too.

A (comparative) lie in made me smile although my alarm going off wasn't so good - I must have set it in my sleep as it was definitely off when I went to bed!

We've all survived the first week of school - although it wasn't a full one for some!

And I relived the fun of La vaca Lola by making a collage of the actions for someone on Twitter.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Smiles 245-248:365

I'm playing "catch up" as it's hard work teaching at the best of times but really really tiring when you have a cast to drag around, have to use crutches and have to rely on others to do things you normally do without thinking.

So my smiles are dedicated to all the people who have helped me, been patient, smiled and tolerated my slowness of movement (and of brain as the day goes on), and to colleagues, old and new.

So here follows a summary of things that have made me smile over the last 4 days!

A cupboard AND a desk with drawer and cupboard AND a set of trays, all in an air conditioned office. All mine!!

My boys back in uniform and back at school. Jude started secondary and Isaac started y10 at his old school. 

The photo of Jude and his old classmates from Maney made me smile a lot, and I know Jude was pleased to see them. 

Isaac too was met by a large 'posse' from his old tutor group to welcome him back. And I was very impressed that the Head of Y10 called to see if Isaac had had a good first day back. 

A beautiful sunset. 

I "pimped" my airboot for school - pictures taken after 3 days by which time I'd lost some sparkly tape :(  Proved very popular however!

No photos but Jane Anne and Anne made me smile by giving me lifts. 
Joe made me smile by being so helpful on Tuesday afternoon with books, sheets and, along with Aimee, averting my complete meltdown by remembering where all my Spanish folders worksheets and schemes had been 'hidden' for the last two years!

Many more smiles on Twitter and Facebook, too many to mention. 

Suffice to say, a smiley but exhausting few days. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Smiles 244:365

Lots of smiles today! The recycling of old schemes of work - you know it's time to discard teaching resources when they talk of Spanish pesetas and sending telegrams!

A baby shower for Hannah, my very beautiful goddaughter. Very special too because, as she reminded me today, she chose me herself when she was 12. Lovely to meet her friends - and their cute little children too. Lots of smiles.

Isaac and Jude disappeared over the hedge to play with the little boy next door. I had to retrieve Jude hours later as they were having far too much fun to notice the time! And then we got cake too! Thank you so much!

And I have to say that Donald our minister at church started the day well with forgetting his eldest son's name and then dressing up in a rather fetching frock and hat to illustrate his sermon!