Wednesday, 30 September 2015

LisaSmiles 273:365

Things that made me smile today:
Sunshine on break duty day. 
Children smiling and saying 'Buenos días'
An unfortunate incident during staff photo taking when someone's bra shone through her top precipitating the swift addition of a cardigan and a reshoot...
Surviving HIT with the twins - always an achievement. 
Another day without hurting myself pre-race. 
My #OH number finally arrived
#GBBO although a little sad at today's departure (see - no spoilers!!) 
Kind people sponsoring me. 

Another Berlin photograph thanks to John. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

LisaSmiles 272:365

Photo courtesy of John in Berlin. Must visit one day! 
Another sunny day. 
Y4 made me smile in Maths. During our lesson on measuring we were discussing length, mass and volume. I asked what volume was and one girl told me it makes things louder or softer. I didn't ask about mass... ;)

Monday, 28 September 2015

LisaSmiles 271:365

Lovely moon. My phone camera is unfortunately not good at capturing what I can see. I've been staring at it for ages. Mesmerising.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

LisasMiles 270:365

I ran a 10k race this morning. The marshals made me smile as they clapped and cheered all the runners and made a difference on a very hilly course full of tree roots and stones to trip you up.
A beautiful day too which meant that I enjoyed the 2.2 miles walk to and from the race, the washing dried and I spent time in the garden.
No running pics as my beloved has flown off to Berlin with them so you've got a map of the course and Hedwig Owl who will sadly be 'flying home' soon :( 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

LisaSmiles 269:365

Rather pleasant walk in Derbyshire this afternoon after a morning of scanning barcodes at KWP ParkRun and scanning books for Equality and Diversity week. 

And this gap made me smile. I could get my thigh through it but my legs aren't that big. What happens if you have larger thighs than me? 

LisaSmiles 268:365

Toadstools in the garden. 
Fortunately I captured them before they were clubbed to smithereens by two baseball bats ;) 
The sun shone today. 
I enjoyed my run. 
I have some lovely new earrings - the TwinCR apple logo. 
The washing still smells good in spite of the idiot who lit a bonfire this afternoon. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

LisaSmiles 267:365

When this is going on outside your classroom window, all you can do is smile and admit that you can't ignore it! Kids were very good and worked hard between the 'viewing breaks' allowed them. 
Then there was Computing and 30 kids roaming the school grounds with iPads. Again you've got to smile at the enthusiastic amateur photographers contorting themselves to capture an interesting angle! And they all came back when I called. Eventually ;) 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LisaSmiles 266:365

Harvest festival at school. A time to be thankful. And a great assembly led by Matt from Birmingham City Mission that involved the Bible and the Mr Men. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LisaSmiles 265:365

I've got a new hoodie, just in time for taking some Y5s to a cross country competition. And it's got my name on it!! 
Love my hoodie and I'm very very proud of the kids who started with great enthusiasm, kept going and finished with gritted teeth and a few tears. It was a long way, it rained in the middle and they were running against Y6s but they didn't give up. Hurrah for J K J A O R Z M L A and S. Hope you got that chocolate cake that I said you deserved ;)
Other smiles today included the incredible excitement of a certain Y5 in the Spanish lesson when 'los Simpsons' appeared on my PowerPoint, and the decision by a y2 to draw "a piece of wood to feed a beaver" on his 'balanced diet plate' in the science lesson.

Monday, 21 September 2015

LisaSmiles 264:365

Tidying up at break time after my lesson I knew that Year 3 had enjoyed their lesson as I could hear some of them walking down the corridor singing in Spanish. Another day can by without me shouting (although I've used my 'very disappointed and sad' voice a few times) 

A short and not too slow run after the shopping arrived made me feel a bit better. 

Isaac walking down the garden in his socks with a ladder and being commandeered into holding it and helping our neighbour pick eucalyptus for a floral arrangement made me smile. I could see his face as the wet grass seeped through his socks...

LisaSmiles 263:365

A smile from Twitter and a link to an article on being happy. It advocates not striving to get rid of sad things but increasing the ratio of happy stuff. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

LisaSmiles 262:365

Full of cold so I wore my Swiss T-shirt to make me smile. 
And to help my immune system fight back, we visited Joe and the Juice. 
Enjoyed the rugby although I'm very annoyed that I fell asleep right at the end of the Japan-South Africa match when it was 32-29... 

LisaSmiles 261:365

Not sure if my Dad would be proud of me or horrified that I made a whisky toddie with Glenmorangie. 
He's certainly have been a little perturbed that I made it on a Yorkshire tea mug though! 
Made me smile as I stuffed kitchen roll up my dripping nose. Like father, like daughter! 
And then there was Isaac not recognising Lawrence Dallaglio and Jason Robinson but managing to recognise Bill Beaumont dressed as a Victorian in a reenactment of the first game of rugby. And Francois Piennaar  too - "How was I supposed to know? He doesn't look like Matt Damon!"  Jude was pleased to see 'the security guard' as well - although this time he knows who it is!  

Thursday, 17 September 2015

LisaSmiles 260:365

I think my cold is affecting my hearing. I was sure a child said 'I saw you sitting in the sandpit' earlier when they actually said 'I saw you in assembly.' 
Made us all smile anyway! 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LisaSmiles 259:365

I'm hopeful that 'Wednesday afternoon' might not be the nightmares they were last year - although I'm not breathing too soon. 
HIT was hard work but residual angst was released and hopefully my metabolism is working overtime now ;) 
GBBO was sadly lacking in innuendo and disaster today but still entertained. Liked the puddings but not the pies. 
A conversation about knobs also made me smile. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

LisaSmiles 257:365

Thanks to Doug for sending me this smiling sunset. 

And I made torrijas this evening. Well, what else can you do with stale bread now you're not allowed to give it to the ducks? ;)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

LisasMiles 256:365

The strap line of Ability Sunday made me smile today. Because it's true. 

Longest long run before Oxford Half - just over 12 miles and I'm utterly pooped. Felt great for 5 miles then hit a bit of a wall before getting a second wind at about 8 miles then losing Garmin at 9.9 miles and therefore breaking rhythm for the last 2 miles. Smiled at my own determination to reach 12 miles that made me run an extra little bit up to the next road and back  'just to be sure.'
Still, I did it and I'm very pleased! Hopefully I'll sleep well... 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

LisaSmiles 255:365

A fairly successful park run time wise and I got to meet a member of the MFLTwitterati at the end. He's much faster than me! 

Robert's birthday party - you always know it's been a good one when you come home with Scotch egg in your hair. He finds me hilarious for some reason and I was nearly banished from the table because he was laughing so hysterically about stealing food from my plate. 
And then we read his new books over and over. Love him! 

And Last Night of the Proms was made all the richer by the comments of the boys. They even let me sing (although they sang too - just not the correct words!) 

Timehop popped this up today - perhaps I'm not too bad at art when it comes to winter trees. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

LisaSmiles 254:365

It doesn't at the moment - but I suspect that there are plenty of teenage girls wearing this Tshirt - there's only one left in the shop. 

Great run this morning followed by core fitness class. This afternoon a walk to the shops and then I mowed the lawn. I'd better sleep well tonight! 

And Isaac came back from youth group with pizza! I thought teenagers were supposed to be like locusts...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

LisaSmiles 253:365

Another afternoon of art, this time colour
washing and cutting silhouettes. Fairly successful I think!
Thursday is my Friday but no relaxing glass of wine as Jude needed taking to Brass Band and I had music group.
Jude has another instrument - José the Cornet.
And Timehop reminded me of this post two years ago when we found The HeadBoy board in Big School. Still proud of Uncle Alex (OV) ;)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

LisaSmiles 252:365

Teenage boisterousness resulted in the decapitation of a couple of roses in the bouquet John bought me (and z very wet carpet!) However, that means that I've not got two blooms to sit on my desk where a vase wouldn't fit. Which is good :) 

In other smiling news, this week's Grand Design had me flabbergasted and at the same time highly amused by the bloke building a house the size of a bus station and his designer who were both as bonkers as each other. Once more the Twitter banter going on made it even more funny! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

LisaSmiles 251:365

Lots of smiling children greeted me this morning including one young man who started fist pumping when he found out he had Spanish. In fact, twice; once at the start of the day and once at the start of the lesson. It makes such a difference when kids are positive and enthusiastic!
Art is not my strong point but this afternoon we did charcoal drawings in Y6 and my example wasn't a disaster! Whoop!

Monday, 7 September 2015

LisaSmiles 250:365

My medal arrived for my virtual race.
I survived day 1 of the year at WPS without the lovely Mr B. Have to say it's a bit quiet without him!
I was declared to be wonderful by youngest son for buying croissants for breakfast when I did the shopping.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

LisasMiles 249:365

Second race in two days this morning with Little Aston 5 miles. Considering I didn't really take it easy yesterday (although I swore I would!), I'm pretty impressed with my time. I'm less impressed with the facial expressions captured by beloved as I approached the finish (that's the most presentable one!) ;)

(Note the number!)

A beautiful day for a run and a lovely afternoon spent in the garden enjoying the sun this afternoon (although I did work as well as relaxing) I love it when the washing dries on the line by the time the next load is ready to replace it.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

LisasMiles 248:365

In spite of warnings about roadworks, I was on time for ParkRun. Apparently there was a goose on the road stopping people getting there too!
Although I swore I'd take it easy as I have a race tomorrow, I'd entered a Virtual 5K Race that had to be completed over the weekend so didn't take it as easy as I might have done so my time wasn't too shabby. 30 seconds off my PB isn't really going slow. Mix up with the results led to fun and games this afternoon but well done and thank you to all the volunteers who put it all right, and to the photographer who caught me with my eyes shut and my tongue out today!

The evening was spent as ⅓, and latterly ½ of The Missing Marmots quiz team. We finished a very commendable 3rd given that most other teams were at least twice as large as ours, and that we lost a member midway through the quiz. Whilst our (self appointed) team captain has now calmed down a little, I am still being harangued for losing us points as I swore a mystery (semi obscured) picture was David Beckham not Chris Hemsworth. Great time was had by all anyway and we hope Mim has a great time in Uganda :)

Friday, 4 September 2015

LisaSmiles 247:365

Good run with TwinCR.
Completed some jobs at school.
And a lovely evening at the Street Food Festival at The Deli in Boldmere. Delicious food! 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

LisaSmiles 246:365

First day back to school today. No children, just teachers. And crumpets for morning break made me smile. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LisaSmiles 245:365

Thanks to Kathy for today's smile pictures - smiley handbags. I may have to invest in one as I can't find my school handbag. I know I cleaned it at the start of the holidays but can't find it now. Oh well!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

LisaSmiles 244:365

Shame you can't blog aromas as this rose smells lovely. And looks beautiful too. 

And some 'slogan chocolate' that made me smile too.