Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LisaSmiles 265:365

I've got a new hoodie, just in time for taking some Y5s to a cross country competition. And it's got my name on it!! 
Love my hoodie and I'm very very proud of the kids who started with great enthusiasm, kept going and finished with gritted teeth and a few tears. It was a long way, it rained in the middle and they were running against Y6s but they didn't give up. Hurrah for J K J A O R Z M L A and S. Hope you got that chocolate cake that I said you deserved ;)
Other smiles today included the incredible excitement of a certain Y5 in the Spanish lesson when 'los Simpsons' appeared on my PowerPoint, and the decision by a y2 to draw "a piece of wood to feed a beaver" on his 'balanced diet plate' in the science lesson.

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