Friday, 31 October 2014

MoreSmiles 304:365

Watching this made us laugh a lot.

Getting school shoes for Isaac at the first shop, the first pair he tried and in the sale too - very big smile!

Being 'scared' by the little trick or treaters. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

MoreSmiles 303:365

I've accepted that autumn has arrived and changed over the clothes in my wardrobe today. Winter clothes take up so much more room, don't they? Still, glad to be reunited with some warm favourites and pleased that they mostly still fit although getting into my teal jeans was a laugh!  It also means that hats are back - hurrah!

Going to a funeral is never easy but when you've never been somewhere before there is always potential for incident. Isaac shared in the bafflement at Yardley Crematorium as we tried to work out where we were supposed to park (it seemed to be a case of abandon your car on the road wherever you wanted) and then in my bewilderment as I went out a different gate and we found ourselves on a mystery tour of the area, taking in the sights of Small Heath before GoogleMaps finally decided to help!

Finding new smileys on Facebook made me smile too as did the battle of the smileys in which Isaac and I engaged (Jude is still a month too young to join in) Isaac's were prominently football related so I claim the moral victory due to variety although Isaac wins for best comeback:

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MoreSmiles 302:365

Another half term day and another round of errands and family taxi duties.

Jude's enjoying being Scuba Stevens at holiday club - he's looking forward to 'shark attack' tomorrow.
And on his return he and Isaac seem to be having a series of half term games challenges; it's funny listening to them from another room.

John decided we'd go out to dinner - delicious albeit tricky going as half my mouth was frozen!

The dentist did not make me smile although looking in my mouth and seeing that his idea of a temporary fix seems to be a lump of chewing gum might have amused me if I weren't in pain!

Monday, 27 October 2014

MoreSmiles 300:365

I like this Monday better than last Monday!

Work stuff finally tidy (although still plenty to do!)

Fun trip to The Fort with the boys.

Wrote a blog post.

Only Connect night :)

Read survey responses from staff at school - apparently I'm a Spanish superstar ;) So I now want this cushion!
Off to bed to read :)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

MoreSmiles 299:365

Happy Sunday tweeted @Snoopy. 

I ran a race this morning. A combination of wind, deep mud, tree roots and stones and several steep sandy hills all made it hard going but ensured a big smile after I finished the race. I was particularly pleased with how I ran up the final hill to the finish - a cruel way to end a race I think. Although not as bad as the steps I faced at the end if the Hegichauslauf! Isaac and his love of 'burst mode' made me smile too as did Jude 'the lookout' who was actually the last to see me coming! 
This afternoon I drove John to the airport, had coffee with the boys and bought Jude some Hawaiian board shorts. 
Back home, we watched SCD and then Hugo which took me back to ISW and listening to Mr Andrews reading it to Grade 3. I never did get to hear all of it! But thinking back to my time in the library made me smile! 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

MoreSmiles 298:365

My boys make me smile! I'm so glad they get on so well (mostly!) They make me laugh too, not least when one manages to 'stealth hug' the other. 

A family trip to Dovedale for tea and cake at Ilam and a walk up Thorpe Cloud. Well, more of a muddy scramble. 
And a beautiful double rainbow too. 
And I get an extra hour in bed tomorrow. Hurrah! 

Friday, 24 October 2014

MoreSmiles 297:365

(Picture from Clowns who care)

The first day of half term began with a run in the park. Lovely day for a run as it was cool but not cold, and the rain held off. Miss the cows though!

Rescuing children from rain storms and searching for Hawaiian shorts in October occupied much of the rest of the day; one is much easier than the other. The things we do for our children!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

MoreSmiles 296:365

It's half term and I've got a G&T. 

Added to that, I've had a good day at work, the first this week. Very busy but no major fallouts and I didn't feel like a 'bad teacher' at any point. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

MoreSmiles 295:365

What made me smile today?
Year3 went on a trip to Cadbury World so a) they were very excited 
b) I had extra time to myself and I enjoyed the peace!
Year1 class assembled was brilliant. 5 and 6 year olds who knew all their words, spoke loudly and sang with great gusto. 
And staff meeting was very short. A mercy!
It's now a race to see which will arrive first: half term or meltdown. It'll be close...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

MoreSmiles 294:365

I think it's going to be one of those weeks...
However, being penguins huddled together to stay warm at playtime made me smile. As did the enthusiasm of some of cross country club who wanted to run in spite of the rain, and proceeded to run through puddles 'accidentally' and 'slip over.'
Sewing Bee also made me happy - I can't sew really (although I can thread a sewing machine!) so I enjoy watching and learning. 
And of course, the news is out that I'm key noting at #ililc5 in February. Which makes me smile broadly as I'll see my magnificent MFL mates (see below for examples!) but also somewhat apprehensively as I currently have not a scooby what I'll say. It's several months away though... 

Monday, 20 October 2014

MoreSmiles 293:365

Coming home made me smile today! It was one of those days!
Autumn makes me smile too. I love the colours of the trees and, when the sun shines on an autumn day, it's so beautiful.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

MoreSmiles 292:365

A 40th birthday party in a manor was order of the day.
Happy birthday Alex! 
A beautiful house and gardens, and great company. Oh, and some rather delicious food too! 
Look who I found peering over a hedge! 

MoreSmiles 291:365

The Lisas reunited - or the Black Cube Reunion. Whichever way you look at it, I was smiling. Lovely to see Lisa and David - and AR and EM of course - for tea and cake. And a good chat too!

Boys both smiling as they got new shoes. 

And dinner at Cafe Rouge - no snails but the moules were delicious and we got 25% off thanks to my Gourmet Card :)

Friday, 17 October 2014

MoreSmiles 290:365

I was up very early to go to The Languages Show but my train journey was brightened by planning minibooks for Y5 and 6 at WPS, and by the gentleman sitting at my table who kept me amused. I have been smiling all day, imagining middle aged men riding Harley Davisons dressed in gimp suit with tassels!
Lots of smiles today: 
I was the first to declare that I am nuts about languages and won a year's subscription to Languagenut - unfortunately, only one of my schools can benefit this time :(
I met up with people I haven't seen for ages and had time for some actual, real life chats with people rather than virtual ones. 
I spoke to lots of people with questions about primary language learning and hopefully helped by answering them! 
I collected lots of badges and some quality freebies but not so much that I couldn't carry it, and no 'bumpf' ;)
LittleLinguist saved my book that if requested on FB - great customer service!
And my 'chauffeur' Parker C made sure that Lady Penelope left with a smile and a giggle by  improvising Prosecco for her!
And I saw some cute posters and cuddles that I couldn't have but had to photograph.

Utterly exhausted now so off to bed!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

MoreSmiles 289:365

2MW always make me smile but I made them smile today when I told them that I was staying with them until 1140 :) We had a fun Spanish lesson and then planned traditional tales in literacy. My example was about a cow and a field of carrots!

Watching a short part of Goodnight Mr Tom with Y5 madee smile as it's a lovely story and John Thaw is brilliant. A shame we could only watch 8 minutes. 
"Boxercise" was hard work but all the arm work is getting less 'impossible' and is now just 'very challenging' - and it feels great when you finish. 
It always makes me smile when I think that a class haven't been doing their best and I come to mark their books, expecting substandard work, only to discover a few gems that show understanding, application and imagination! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

MoreSmiles 288:365

It wasn't wet break. Nor wet lunch.
No chairs were thrown in my lesson.
Y6 showed (some!) imagination when thinking of things that a monster might eat - looking forward to finding out how they're going to draw 'una imaginación' though! 
Utterly pooped so I'm going to bed early! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

MoreSmiles 287:365

Jude asked to go to and see Alison Balsom play at Birmingham Town Hall and tonight was the night. An excellent concert with lots of variety. We really enjoyed it although Jude was disappointed that we didn't win the blue pTrumpet.

Before the concert we admired the WWI inspired 'garden' outside the Council House. 

The great excitement in Y4 at being allowed to use the dictionary and look up *any word you want* made me smile.

Monday, 13 October 2014

MoreSmiles 286:365

"It's my birthday and I'll smile if I want to"

Thanks for all the messages - it's nice to wake up to birthday wishes at 630am!

The boys got up early to give me presents - love them lots!

Y5 told me that they were going to be good this morning as it was my birthday - cheeky lot! They were... mostly!

My course this afternoon wasn't exactly what I'd expected but never mind.

Arrived home to Prosecco. And chocolate cake! :)

Love my new ON Cloudrunners for the winter. And my Mammut bag. And Freitag makeup bag/pencil case/pouch. And candles. And, just in time, the next two GoT books! Lucky girl! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

MoreSmiles 285:365

Pre birthday lunch today - and John had preordered my Prosecco :)
Delicious as was dinner. And I particularly enjoyed my nap afterwards!


I was 'trapped' on the platform at church by the harvest collection for hospitals in Liberia fighting Ebola. It was all brought to the front as we were singing and our escape route was just about cut off. However, it was amazing to see the arrays of wellies, sheets, towels, disinfectant, food, vitamins and juice. And a John Wayne DVD box set...:S

Off to bed soon to finish my book - although I've only just ordered the next one from the library so I'll have to wait to continue the story.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

MoreSmiles 284:365

My plaiting skills have been praised today - this was my evening version. The morning version was two French plaits to keep my hair out of my fave whilst I 'suffered' a HIT session.

HIT was great fun although exhausting. It's good to push yourself though. And it helps if there's someone yelling at you so you don't give up prematurely. 

And I really enjoyed the concert by the Staffordshire Band and Peter Moore at Lichfield  Cathedral. Amazing sound! And I took time to appreciate the lovely metalwork gates in the cathedral. Must go back another day to the no estimate further.
As we left the sky was clear and you could see the stars very clearly. A beautiful sight above the cathedral. Unfortunately, we couldn't take a decent photo but it's stuck in our memories! 

Friday, 10 October 2014

MoreSmiles 279-283:365

I'm very behind with recording my Smiles. It's been a busy week, and a slightly stressful one at times but smiles have kept coming nonetheless.

Lots of smiles caused by funny comments from children.
A staff meeting planned and successfully delivered (I think!) 
Cross country club continues to be fun - and we're getting better! 
My sniffle never properly developed into a cold. 
John came home with further supplies of Kurbissuppe. 

I made 'torrijas' for the TwinCR tapas evening. My favourites! 

I'll try hard to stay up to date with posts for the rest of the year, but next week is even busier! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

MoreSmiles 278:365

After the discussion on Thursday about a world made of chocolate, this display at Touchwood made me smile. 

Nice shoes but not very practical!
And handbag looks good but would not withstand my assorted bits and bobs!
I'd quite like to eat that pedestal though...

Sunshine and a run made me smile as did singing just the right songs at church for current circumstances. It's all about the lighthouses ;)

Saturday, 4 October 2014

MoreSmiles 277:365

A new shop opening in Touchwood, Solihull. I like the word! 

Also at Touchwood, Joe and the Juice always makes me smile. 

In the car on the way, I danced to The Birdie Song as we drove along the motorway. The boys were mortified but John was indifferent. 
"See - Dad just ignores my idiocy," I said. 
Isaac replied "he's had more practice and has it down to a fine art."
Jude just raised an eyebrow and agreed. 
Got to love them! 

Friday, 3 October 2014

MoreSmiles 276:365

Meet Omid the Socktopus. Purchased today in IKEA, his squiffy eyes make me smile. 

Being made to sprint up hills then sprint back and forth across Meadow Platt made me smile on a sort of masochistic way as I was still in pain following BoxerciseHIT last night. And it made me laugh when I started sprinting like a Pavlovian dog because I thought Jac had yelled "Lisa - go!" when she had in fact yelled "Slow!"  Ever obedient, that's me!

IKEA always makes me smile. 

And cold pizza for lunch was delicious!  

Thursday, 2 October 2014

MoreSmiles 275:365

I enjoyed teaching y2 today. They quite often make me smile. Today they were on great form. One class came up with all kinds of reasons why a world made of chocolate would be a bad idea like it being very unhygienic and melting too often, then did some great animal impressions whilst recalling all the words we'd learned last week. And the other class and I had a fun game, all sat in a circle on the floor, pretending to be animals whilst one of the class tried to guess who was leading the animal impressions!
And punctuating these two lessons  was break time during which y1 pupils brought over some caterpillars to show me (my Mum would've done her nut) and then some y2 girls came to ask me to remove a spider from the toilets so they could wash their hands as they were scared!
All made me smile!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MoreSmiles 274:365

More children wowed with postcards from "Balamory" and some funny conversations about ferries, 'windbags' and 'men in skirts' to start the day. And to end the school day, some remarkable listening and questioning (for Y6!) about Estevanico, exploration, empire building, indigenous people and the spread of languages. Not exactly what I'd planned but worth a 'detour' I thought.

Biggest smiles though at bath time/bedtime with a hilarious singsong of primary school songs that resulted in Isaac declaring that 'air is overrated.' My boys are hysterical!!