Sunday, 26 October 2014

MoreSmiles 299:365

Happy Sunday tweeted @Snoopy. 

I ran a race this morning. A combination of wind, deep mud, tree roots and stones and several steep sandy hills all made it hard going but ensured a big smile after I finished the race. I was particularly pleased with how I ran up the final hill to the finish - a cruel way to end a race I think. Although not as bad as the steps I faced at the end if the Hegichauslauf! Isaac and his love of 'burst mode' made me smile too as did Jude 'the lookout' who was actually the last to see me coming! 
This afternoon I drove John to the airport, had coffee with the boys and bought Jude some Hawaiian board shorts. 
Back home, we watched SCD and then Hugo which took me back to ISW and listening to Mr Andrews reading it to Grade 3. I never did get to hear all of it! But thinking back to my time in the library made me smile! 

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