Sunday, 30 December 2012

Welcome to Smiles365

Welcome to Smiles365, my new 365 project for 2013.

This year I will be posting a picture a day on the theme of smiles. It might be someone or something smiling, something that makes me smile or even something that looks like a smile. Sometimes it's easy to focus on what's wrong in life so I'm setting out this year to look for the good in life and share it. Hopefully it'll make you smile too!

And, because languages are my thing and I like to learn, each day I'll post the word smile in a different language. I wonder if I'll manage 365 different languages though...?
The image above is from a T-shirt I found that might give me a few ideas!

The first post won't be until January 1st but whilst you wait, why not have a look at my past projects -

2012 - TipTopSwiss366
2011 - Window on my World365
2010 - Trees365

Thank you to Tony for the idea, and to Nicky for the language element.