Thursday, 28 February 2013

Smiles 59:365

Given my post earlier this week, this made me smile - a nice twist but not sure what Darcey would say?!

And as a linguist -and a Hispanist -  this amused me too!

High on my smile list was a Mexican birthday breakfast this morning. And afternoon as it carried on long after I had to leave at 12.45! A lovely time speaking Spanish and having a giggle!
More smiles for a successful book fair at school - great excitement amongst the children and some lovely books too. I sometimes think I'd love to live in a book shop!
And my boys as always made me smile with their shenanigans.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Smiles 58:365

The Easter bunny has appeared again! Pulling my shopping trolley along the street and there he was - a huge yellow bunny! I wonder if he'll end up with a notice around his neck like last year?

Also causing smiles today, food shopping is always improved by being handed a bar of chocolate with the receipt. A small one, but (quality) chocolate nonetheless. And I took no end of pleasure this afternoon in stripping and re-backing a display board, and creating a new display to put up tomorrow. Reading my friend's entry in a competition to write a novel(la) in a weekend also made me smile - it's very good!

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East Inuktitut - Qungujuq

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Smiles 57:365

Lovely to see that, despite the constant subzero temperatures of the last few weeks, the trees are getting ready for spring and budding. Hurrah!

Following on from yesterday, this one had us in stitches too!

Other things that made me smile today
I remembered the discussion I was having with the boys on the way to school the other day. I commented that the name of the German band Die Toten Hosen means The dead trousers. So we thought of some band names of our own. Jude won with The Daydreaming Dungarees. If I had a band...
Tonight was Fajiiiiiiiiitas night :o)
A very hot shower after a very cold run.

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Smiles 56:365

Having had an odd start to the day, I got myself back on track by doing Pilates with the lovely Darcey. That woman is freakily flexible but her feet are a mess. The pros and cons of being a ballet dancer I guess! Made me smile as I thought of my kind friends who saved the DVD from a Sunday newspaper for me.

THIS has had all of us - but especially the boys - smiling, guffawing and crying today.

Other things that made me smile today
Pancake day - nearly two weeks late!
The smell of fresh sheets.
The boys got a lift home so I didn't need to go out in the (extreme) cold again.
I managed to avoid witnessing the death of any penguins whilst watching Penguins-Spy in their midst.

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In Ukranian - посміхатися

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Smiles 55:365

This always make me smile. Very true as well!

Other things that made me smile today
I won in my ongoing battle with the level crossing on my Winti-Wüfflingen-Winti loop run!
Hot chocolate and cakes in Tibits.
T'pau singing China in your hand came on VH1, and I remembered my cousin Catherine, who was about 3 at the time, singing it very dramatically in the bath.
Culture Club Karma Chameleon also came on and a conversation about Boy George ensued with Jude. "But why is he dressed like that?" And then Earth Wind and Fire came on!
Double gold for Becky James in the cycling :o)
Professor Brian Cox :oD

Smile in other languages

In Labrador Inuttut - Kunguvuk

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Smiles 54:365

Some cheeky smiles from 2010 :o)
That's my boys!

Happiness is... a purple erasable pen. Thank you to John for my present from his travels. And before you say that's a naff gift,
 a)it's what I wanted 
b)he was only gone 48 hours and 
c)he bought me an iPad mini last time!

Other things that made me smile today
"He (John Partridge) looks just like the gay one from Eastenders" says Jude. "He is the gay one from Eastenders" replies Isaac. "That explains it then!" says Jude.
Jude calling Toby Flood "Tobes"
Cuddly things around the house having adventures.
The mystery of who put the cotton wool ball on the chair.

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In Urdu - مسکرانا

Friday, 22 February 2013

Smiles 53:365

I knew this but I love the above picture. So cute!

And I've been trying to make some space on my MBP by moving photos onto a portable HD, and came across this photo whilst I was doing so. Oh, the memories!
This was taken in Prague on an eTwinning PDW during which we were placed in groups, indicated by a chiffon scarf that we had to wear at all times. My team, as you can see, are turquoise - although I recall there was much debate about it! 
This photo was taken during a 'treasure hunt' through the streets of Prague that culminated in dancing by Charles Bridge and was followed by dinner at a restaurant on the river. I recall that the 'you will stay with your group' was enforced even here, and Andrew Rhodes and I decided to be crafty so sat at the ends of our tables and spent most of the meal leaning back on our chairs, chatting to each other!
Happy memories!

Other things that made me smile today
The release of 'the hostage' - Congratulations to Blaggers and Mrs Blaggers on the birth of Lilia. She's beautiful!
Watching and listening to the younger children in the library at school - they're so funny!
A wonderful conversation with an old friend about plans for next year - very exciting but saying no more at the moment.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Smiles 52:365

This video was shared on FB by several of my friends and it made me smile. And the dog is smiling so there's a double whammy!

Other things that made me smile today
At the meeting about Jude's PYP Exhibition, parents were quite definitely told to 'butt out' and let the kids do their projects on their own without our interference. I wonder if it'll happen?
The boys sitting really close to me at the bus stop as I was solo cold - they sandwiched me in a corner!

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In Georgian - ღიმილი

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Smiles 51:365

I found this picture when I was tidying up my iPhoto gallery. This is a picture of me that was on the fridge in UK. I took the photo in early 2009 but I'm sure that the painting is older. My hands aren't quite that big but my eyes are the right colour, that was my hair style and I am smiling so not a bad impression.

And here's another impression, drawn in 2009 (that's how I now the other one was painted earlier!) Not sure about the ears...

Other things that made me smile today
My Spanish English pupils, M and M, have asked their Mum is they can have more English lessons with me! Nothing like willing learners!
Lovely feedback from an iPad session I did on Monday including good questions and requests for more ideas and training.
I finally finished my blogposts about ILILC3.
I found some pictures of me speaking at the above conference - and this one is half decent. Proves I was there and coherent for at least a few minutes!
I was thanked for doing something that was a pleasure!

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In Yiddish - שמייכל

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Smiles 50:365

You may wonder why I've posted a picture of a road sign. That's because it made me smile. The Swiss "Man at work" is so much more jaunty and athletic than the UK version who seems to be trying to open an obstinate umbrella! And Swiss "man at work" actually looks like he's working...!

And this is my Dad. I think of him and I smile. And I know I'm not the only one. He may not be here anymore but his smiles live on.

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In Vietnamese - mỉm cười

Monday, 18 February 2013

Smiles 49:365

This photograph popped up in a presentation I did today - it always makes me smile as Jude was so funny that holiday - and he's so cute too!

A busy day today - went to school twice (and it's a Feiertag!) and it was the last day of Fasnacht so time for Böögg verbrennan mit Feuerwerk. Winti definitely knows how to have a bonfire and fireworks!

Smiles too today for my iPad training - it went well and I managed to make everyone go "ooooh!" at some point!

And I had to smile when Jude texted me to ask if he could make scrambled eggs for breakfast then proceeded to text again for instructions! "I think I'll leave it to you next time, Mummy. They weren't as good as yours!"

Smiles in other languages
In Maltese - daħka

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Smiles 48:365

Today was day 2 of Fasnacht celebrations with the parade through the town of all the floats and groups and more bands! Throwing confetti is order of the day for spectators - and also catching sweets if you're a child! And who could fail to smile at a handful of confetti thrown in the air and showering into your hood?

It's a festival for all the family - here's one if the younger members of the parade - happily blowing his whistle - whilst wearing ear defenders. (That's one of the rules of the parade!)

Other things that made me smile
First run in 10 days.
Jude and Isaac's delight at telling me about the rude confetti cannon that I missed - you can imagine I'm sure....
Singing a song at a church that I hadn't sung since I was about 13!
Being 'recruited' by @bellaale for his #wonderacademy
Professor Brian Cox.
The thought that because I look like a skier, I must have been good at it :D

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In Hungarian - mosolyog

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Smiles 47:365

We went to lunch at the home of a family from church today. A wonderful Malaysian meal followed by three puddings interspersed with games and songs. Great fun. Here are the boys playing Scotland Yard, a board game in which you chase the thief around London. A new one on me - think we may have to invest in a set (and there's an app!)

Then it was back for more 'fun' as tonight is "Guggenmusik" night in Winterthur in celebration of Fasnacht. Lots of brass bands dressed up on weird abc wonderful costumes, parading through the streets playing popular tunes in a slightly discordant way! Hard to take pictures as it was dark!
More tomorrow and Monday as the parades continue. So glad to be here this year - I missed it all last year as I was in the UK!

Other things that made me smile today
Watching the last episode of Børgen (recorded two weeks ago and John and I are finally both in the same place with a TV at the same time to watch it!).
Scrambled eggs on toast.
Listening to Arthur play the trumpet he'd made when he was a blacksmith, and watching Jude have a go too!

Smile in other languages
In Korean - 미소

Friday, 15 February 2013

Smiles 46:365

At last - documentary evidence of me on skis. True, it only documents that I wore them, not that I actually went anywhere on them but still! There are many people who thought it would never happen!

No skiing today though as we're home but, having cleaned the car after an unfortunate incident involving car sickness on the way home, we popped off to Kreuzlingen and Konstanz for a walk and lunch. Below is the 'family' I found by the Sealife Centre. Think they need feeding up!

Other things that made me smile today
Conversation in the car was hilarious but unrepeatable - needless to say, as I have two boys, it involved bodily functions and getting a word slightly wrong! 
John bought me some flowers - we sort of 'forgot' Valentine's Day as we were up a mountain! And Pancake Day too come to think of it!
It was good to wake in my own bed this morning!

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In Belarussian - ўсміхацца

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Smiles 45:365

There is a sad absence of photographs of me skiing thanks to my inability to take pictures of myself, and the fact that John and Jude are in different places whenever I'm skiing. So here's one of me sledging - which was great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed skiing - especially as I have yet to break anything!  I descended a blue run twice today without falling today and although I did wipeout on the drag life (bit embarrassing that!), I was really pleased with myself! Still, my body is very achy - I should have done this when I was 4 - and I'll be glad not to put those boots on again tomorrow morning!

This is the skylight in the bathroom. Looks like there's a cloud baby looking down through it to me, but it's really just snow.

And here are the icicles outside the kitchen window. Impressive eh?

The boys have said so many funny things today but I've forgotten them all as I didn't write them down. We did have a great game of 'replace the name of the film with aardvark' and our best ideas were - A series of unexpected aardvarks, Nativity:Aardvark in the manger and Minority Aardvark. Much giggling - and I was very impressed by the boys' knowledge of films!

The boys wiping out sledging was hilarious today - they were competing to see who could get the most 'air' off their sledge and land in the most spectacular manner. At one point, Isaac managed to land on top of a snow bank, still seated in his sledge, two foot in the air. Much complaining about steering wheels in crotches though!

Smile in other languages
In Icelandic - brosa

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Smiles 44:365

Another day of fun on the piste - I can now do something resembling parallel turns and survived the chair lift twice! Anina is so lovely and very very patient.

Poor Isaac has been ill and missed out in ski lessons, having to stay in bed, so it was lovely to see him out sledging with us this afternoon - and wiping out spectacularly. I was scared he was hurt but when I rushed to check he was ok, he lifted his head and said "Get in!!" with a huge grin on his face.

Playing Name that Tune with the boys was a source of great amusement too, especially as John decided to take control and play 80s music (no complaints from me but is that fair when the contestants were born in 1998 and 2001)
"My confused brain is making all these songs sound like the Macarena." (Isaac)
"Is it Squeeze Up the Junction?" (Jude)
Isaac claiming that he was at a disadvantage as he had blocked ears, despite scoring more points than me.
Jude chastising Isaac for having a coughing for mid song - 'it's putting me off!'
"Is THIS Squeeze Up the Junction?" (Jude)

Other things that made me smile
@mfljess used an idea from my session at ililc3 in her lesson today and it went well.
Photos of my sister and brother-in-law dressed up for a Murder Mystery.
Looking out of the window into the pitch blackness of the mountains and seeing a snow plough's headlights looming towards us.

Smiles in other languages.
In Kannada - ಕಿರುನಗೆ

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Smiles 43:365

Jude has wanted a Raiffeisen/SwissSki bobble hat since I ran the Silvesterlauf and he saw a group of children wearing them. He then saw people wearing them on TV at Wengen, watching the ski race. Today he finally got one as the bus down the hill to Amden stops outside the Raiffeisen bank. Whilst John was extracting cash from the cash point I went inside and discovered that you could buy the bobble hats over the counter! Great joy and jubilation when I returned with the prize!!

Smiles this morning too as I had my first ski lesson - and I wasn't as bad as I had feared. I did fall over but not as many times as I had feared, and I have been up two mountains, by drag lift and on a dreaded chairlift - and I survived. And I also made it back down them under my own steam - with lots of patience from my instructor who held my poles to guide me at regular intervals and to stop me flying over the edge!
Smiled broadly when I had a sudden flashback to #ililc2 and Tchic Tchac with Jo Rhys-Jones :) then promptly fell over as I lost concentration :S

Things I heard that made me smile today
Jude asked if we could listen to John's iPod music "cos he's got that album with Slade and Dinosaur on it"
On returning from our bus ride to fetch provisions, John and I were greeted by the boys who looked distraught about something. We feared an accident or something broken. Turned out to be a dirty cuddly toy as Jude picked it up with the fire tongs!
Still giggling over the Manx knobs :)

Smiles in other languages
In Estonian - naeratus

NB Smiles 39-42 will be published on our return on Friday unless I get wifi before then!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Smiles 42:365

Bit of a whirlwind of a day really as I unpacked from #ililc3, put on the washing machine, shopped and then repacked to go up to the mountains to learn to ski.
So very busy but still time for smiles. Being fitted for skis was fun, as was making ourselves at home in Amden in the house kindly lent to us by John's colleague, its full of photos of her gorgeous little girls so there's a smile at every turn. and the views! So beautiful.
Here's Jude mesmerised by the fire!

Smile in other languages
In Greek - χαμόγελο

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Smiles 41:365

A bundle more smiles today after not much sleep. Once more, edited highlights as I lost count of the smiles! But I have to say thank you to everyone today who kept me going when I was losing my smile. You are the best x

My #ililc3/MFLTwitterati friends have all been donating the Horlicks that was in their rooms at the Highfield House Hotel to the 'Lisibo needs Horlicks as she can't buy it in Switzerland' appeal. And the lovely @crepeaunutella, who frankly has better things to do as she has a tiny baby, bought me a tub of the stuff. Thank you so much Isabelle xxx

Alex, Jackie and I won the Tarsia challenge - and promptly has to sing Sur le pont d'Avignon to signify we'd finished! Great activity!

At lunchtime, in need of a smile, I met Merlin - and his daddy, John. He has his own blog and belongs to Annalise who also made me smile when I needed it most by giving me some white chocolate buttons.

And arriving home after a 7 hour + journey made me smile a lot - John has made me a drink and run the bath :o) No place like home!
Here's my boy with an interesting icicle.

Smiles in other languages
In Latin - risio

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Smiles 40:365

So many smiles that I lost count! Edited highlights!
Knobs. Manx knobs to be precise, courtesy of Rachel aka @lancslassrach. Oh how we laughed! And I managed to get the leftovers. Did you know that knobs can be grumpy or fruity?

I love my MFL friends - the so called #mfltwitterati. Miss them so much but they're only ever a tweet away. Here are just a few of them - John, Alex, Eleanor and Jackie - with me modelling our lovely T-shirts, organised by Eleanor. Someone took a photograph of all of us in our Tshirts but has yet to share it.

Singing Bohemian Rhapsody in French Spanish and German - oh, and English! - with Simone, Isabelle, Jen and Rachel. Love singing and love languages so very happy!

Then there was singing El Pollito Pío, a little portion of which was captured by Simone here and everyone loved their Toblerone.

And my boys sent me a picture of this from the widow at Vollenweider ;)

Smiles in other languages 
Well, not quite smile today as I can't find that but here's 'smiling' in Manx in honour of the knobs ;o) - mongey.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Smiles 39:365

I flew to England today :0)

De-icing the plane prior to take off amused me, especially when the man sprayed the wings with green gunk. And he saw me smiling and winked!

Afternoon tea in M&S was another "huge smile" event, especially as it cost me 10p thanks to reward vouchers.

And Annalise's 'pint of chips' was just one of the many smiles this evening as I squealed and hugged my lovely lovely MFL friends, old and new, in Cenos over Crabbies and fish and chips!!!

Smiles in other languages
In Mandarin (for Simone) - 微笑

Smiles 38:365

*I'm a little behind with my posts thanks to a conference Friday-Sunday and now being in the mountains with limited connectivity, it may take me time to catch up. If I do, formatting will be a little odd until Friday when I can tidy it all up. Rest assured that I'm still smiling though!*

John bought this little beauty back from his travels for me. Lucky girl! It's so cute and so sleek. Fits in my handbag and still big enough for me to type on it two handed.

And I had to smile as I hared around Winterthur freezing to an icicle, being stared at by the locals as I took pictures with my iPad and made a treasure hunt using Huntzz.

I also smiled when we were provided with Chana Dahl by the mum of one of the students on the committee when we met today!

Smiles in other languages.
In Swahili - tabasamu

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Smiles 37:365

It's Jude's go to take treats to 'Books and Brownies' club tomorrow so Isaac and Jude took to the kitchen to make Isaac's famous ginger and lemon cookies.
Good bake boys. Not sure which of you is Mary though...
I also smiled as I saw them standing next to each other. Reminded me of towering above Julie when I grew very quickly and left my 'wee sister' behind.

And a sweet little blue truck they looked as if it should be in CBeebies came to destroy the stump of the tree that was felled yesterday.

Other things that made me smile today
When we questioned who exactly had been asked to name football managers of Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea on Pointless today, Isaac suggested the people of Essex. "I don't want to insult the m but they're not well known for their intelligence!"
John bought me a little black gift :0)
A very slippery run with Julie and Sharon this morning!
The relief when I realized that the world wasn't ending at about 130 today - it was just the yearly Sirentest. Phew!
England won a football match. Isaac said, as Joe Hart saved a penalty, 'Oh, so he's having a GOOD night tonight is he? He's either very good or very bad. My son is very astute!

Smile in other languages
In Macedonian - насмевнам

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Smiles 36:365

I was working today so an early start, made better by the view of snowy mountains across the lake on my journey. I was the wrong side to take a photo but I remedied that on the way home.

And at break time I spied the biggest snowball ever, over 4 feet tall, being scaled, slid off and generally enjoyed by the kids. Health and safety is not disregarded but less uptight here!

Things that made me smile today
I warned a child that, if they continued talking in a test, I'd move them to sit next to the guillotine. They looked stricken until I explained that I meant the paper cutter. It's easy to forget that most of the kids aren't English and my everyday language can be quite baffling. 'Poorly' is another one that I've had to explain as in someone being poorly.
Making up silly sing and dances with the boys always makes me grin. And them too as long as its not on public!
A passage in the book I'm reading - a work of fiction I must add - in which the narrator suggests that 'A German, on average, produces twice as much faeces as a Frenchman' Interesting! :0S He then starts on the language...
The most gorgeous video of a tiny baby having a bath that I saw posted on FB. (can't find the link though!)

Smile in other languages
In Polish - Uśmiech

Monday, 4 February 2013

Smiles 35:365

I had a stressful day so I was glad to sit down in the bay window of Orell Fussli earlier to enjoy a hot chocolate with David Millar. Well, his book anyway!

Things that made me smile today.
The multitude of kind medical staff who have put up with me mangling their language, didn't treat me like a mad woman and let me speak English when I became incomprehensible!
The lovely young lady who repaired John's glasses - for nothing and offered me a coffee whilst I waited for the favour.
My kind friend who gave the boys a lift home to save me the trip - and she's not well either. Get well soon Lisa xx
John who has brought me a present in America :o)
Isaac's German homework which featured a character called Inspector Louis Fliegenpfiff (I'm easily amused!)
Reading a brilliant article about cheating by a talented friend.

Smiles in other languages
In Galician - un sorriso

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Smiles 34:365

Light snow today made me smile, as did going for a run after a week of resting my Achilles and also having a cold. Eich Wald is so pretty, whatever the weather!

I also smiled broadly at the amount of earwax Jude had in his ears when I investigated this morning. With his shiny mop of hair, he can hide lots in those ears... I'll spare you a picture but it was a multi cotton bud job - and very satisfying!

Things I heard that made me smile today
'Is there anything I can do to help you, Mum?'
'I'll be trying out the inflight wifi' 
Top Gear - and watching the boys laugh made me smile even more.

Things that didn't make me smile so much
'I've trodden on my glasses - can you try and get them fixed?' said John as he left for the airport early this morning to fly to USA.

Smiles in other languages
In Yup'ik - Quuyurni

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Smiles 33:365

A trip to Hardbrücke this morning to explore the Viadukt Markthalle and trendy shops under the arches of the railway.
We found this pretty 'mermaid in a rocket' on one of the arches under the railway line into Zürich.

And as we sat eating Chäschüechli and Würstweggen, we looked out the window and saw that the Solarstrom power wasn't doing so well on a wet Saturday lunchtime! (It had managed to double output by the time we passed on the train a little later!)

Other things that made me smile today
Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards winning Splash! He should have tried Olympic diving rather than ski jumping! And they all jumped in at the end just like in We are the Champions!
Jude's funny faces when trying to avoid Isaac 'being kind' to him.
Memories of vibrantly coloured cupcakes made in my honor by the little 'Bones' :0)

Smiles in other languages
In Icelandic - brosa

(and another smile - I remembered to publish this before I fell asleep!)