Thursday, 31 January 2013

Smiles 31:365

Oops - bit late posting this one as I'm not feeling so well :o(

This shop never ceases to make me smile - who thought to call a shop Botty? And with the added 'silliness' of putting 'Botty Wotty' on the merchandise baskets!

Jude's been off school today and lay on the mattress on the living room floor all day. We had a fine time watching The Voice of Switzerland and comparing the subtitles (in German) with the actual words (in Swiss German of varying kinds!)

Smiles in other languages
in Malay - senyuman

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Smiles 30:365

Isaac has new glasses and looks great in them. They were only ordered on Saturday as well which, given Isaac's prescription and the fact that they were actually ready yesterday, is very fast! The shadow in this picture also made me smile - can't hide that unruly tuft! ;o)

Several items on The One Show made me smile today -
Dodger the dog showing emotions much better than the actors!
The Springer Spaniel feeding the lamb with a bottle.
Alistair McGowan's item on accents, visiting Nottingham, Tamworth and Birmingham.

I also smiled when Jude, on a sick day trawl through the channels for something to watch, discovered Frasier and announced 'He's much older in this than in Cheers!'

And I received notice of the Winterthur Marathon ;o)

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In Esperanto - rideto

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Smiles 29:365

Having finished the lemon curd made for us by my very clever sister and brother-in-law, I needed something else for my lunchtime toast. Step up mulled cranberry and apple jelly. Absolutely divine! Thank you xx

And this happy chap, along with too much hair, looks rather happy and made me smile. (shared by Innocent Drinks on FB)

Other things that made me smile today
I made progress with my presentations for the conference at which I'm speaking in 10 days - #ililc3
I had a lovely relaxing bubbly bath.
I found my favourite little blue hatted boy dancing Gangnam Style-ee

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In Malay - senyum

Monday, 28 January 2013

Smiles 28:365

Today is a 'looks like a smile' as well as something that made me smile! This is the image from the top of the 50€ voucher I received for providing 'Featured resource' for this week on The Language Point. Now I'm smiling as I surf working out what to buy!

Things I heard today that made me smiday
Lots of likes for Jude's trumpet playing.
Skiing lessons are booked for Schipause.
Isaac and Jude talking about inflatable guitars.

Smile in other languages
In Siberian Yupik - Nuiingiighaquq

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Smile 27:365

Jude is learning the trumpet and is also part of a brass ensemble. Today his Bläserensemble, along with Klarinettenensembles, had a concert. Jude had been practising hard and played really well. Proud Mummy :o)

And afterwards, we went to Tibits for a celebratory Heisse Schoggi. Love the blue bobble lampshade - standard lamp and ceiling box :o)

Things I heard today that made me smile
"There needs to be more fagott in this concert" said John in the middle of Jude's music concert . (Ein Fagott = a bassoon)
A very rude joke about Rod Laver's name told on Twitter.
Andy Murray's consolation speech.

Smile in other languages
In Afrikaans - glimlag

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Smiles 26:365

I love cows - I'm surprised I haven't done Cows 365, and may yet do it - so this toilet seat amused me greatly earlier on a shopping trip to Glatt. I also smiled when we discovered that the optician in Visilab was not only English but also used to be the manager of Boots Opticians in Sutton Coldfield!

And Jude, desperate for a fez, decided to improvise with a poppadom ;o)

Things I heard that made me smile today
'Borgen is on in five minutes.'
Being recommended in a list of 'god-like-genius MFL tweeps' that a Twitter newbie should follow!
Being hugged and told "I love you" by the boys as they unpacked the shopping and discovered what I'd bought.

Smile in other languages
In Swedish - leende or smil 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Smiles 25:365

I love this picture, taken at 640am this morning as Grades 4 and 5 set off for their ski day. And they were still smiling, albeit wearily, when they returned 11 hours later!

I've past this house several times on runs and the cheerful ribbons, baubles and other decorations make me smile as I pass as all the other nearby houses are ... less colourful!

Things I heard today that made me smile.
Claudia Winkleman. Need I say more?
"You're nearly at the bottom of the stairs" as I descended the external metal mesh staircase from the fourth floor... That was a BIG smile!
"Come up to the office and fetch your printed copy of Horizons." And seeing my articles in hard print!
This clip from The Chase.

Smile in other languages
In Inupiaq - Iglangaaqtuq

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Smiles 24:365

This Shetland pony is, as Jude would say, 'adorable'. This is one of the two Shetland ponies in cardigans called Fivla and Vitamin that are the stars of the Visit Scotland campaign. More images here. Thanks to John for tweeting me the link! 

Things I heard/did today that made me smile
Laminating is sooo relaxing and I haven't done any for so long :o)
'Nothing ever happens in the West Midlands' says Jude.
'I think you've just washed my keys!' says Isaac - fortunately they still work after a 40ºC wash and spin! (This smile was somewhat wry!)
A tweet from my beloved "Security guard accidentally shoots penis off with illegal gun"
And Steven Mangan's suggestion that "this world, this universe, this life, is all just a dream in the mind of a sexy unicorn called Ralph."

Smiles in other languages
In West Inuktun - Qunguyuk

Couldn't resist another 'Shetland pony in a cardigan' picture!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Smiles 23:365

This is Mango. He is a 'marvellous monkey' and appears all over the house in the least expected places, today in a pencil pot on my desk. He has his own language and a business empire too. And he makes me smile :o)

And it was a beautiful morning - very very cold but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

Things I heard today that made me smile.
A number of @SoVeryBritish tweets that confirm that, whilst I am becoming more 'Swiss', I am still very British!
An interesting proposal from an 'old' friend.
@ianaddison being spammed by a hill!

Smile in other languages
In Polish - uśmiech

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Smiles 22:365

Jude raises an ironic eyebrow - but the impact is lost as his fringe obscures it!

And a red squirrel from today's 20 Minuten, taken in the Yorkshire Dales. Cute!

Things I heard today that made me smile
Following on from yesterday's post about names, super TA Lynne Paterson told me that Reception call her Mrs Patterns.
A tweet from @TomDaley1994: Spanish A2 exam tomorrow…retaking because I want an A* not an A haha… #geek
Being accused of flirting with said diver for sending him a Spanish good luck message.
All yelling "almonds!" at Warwick Davies on GBBO as he put his Bakewell Tart in the oven, and he obviously heard us as he realised ten seconds later.

Smile in other languages 
In Hebrew - לחייך

Monday, 21 January 2013

Smiles 21:365

I had a quite unusual name until I got married - Efford. There are times when I quite miss being wrongly addressed as Effort, or Efforf! Today's smile came from University Challenge on which there were two unusually named contestants. The announcer had great fun with the one on the left when he had to say it fast and whilst it looks complicated, the one on the right is simply pronounced (Tis-chuk)

Earlier, I smiled at these chocolate covered marshmallow mounds. (The name means Super Fatmen)

Things I heard today that made me smile
Sign on a Peugeot 306 - Ich bin auch ein Ferrari
Jude mishearing Jeremy Clarkson on TopGear and thinking that Ms de Bondt was the Star in the reasonably priced car rather than Matt Le Blanc. (Ms de Bondt was Isaac's Maths teacher until Christmas!)
The word in German for flossing is Zahnzwischenraumreinigung. 
'Great British Bake Off is on tonight'

Smile in other languages
In Filipino - Ngiti

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Smiles 20:365

Quite often on a Sunday I sing in the worship group at church. Rehearsal starts at 430pm which means I have to leave the house at 340pm to catch the train to Zürich. And I'm not back home until nearly 9pm so I miss tea. Today there was leftover Aprikosenwähe afterwards so I'm not so hungry on the train home - big smile! (You can tell how happy I was as I took a bite before I took the photograph!)
And a huuuge smile during worship group when Alisa (who can *really* sing) said 'Lisa, you sing this one!' -and it was a song I absolutely love so even better!

And another huge smile crossed my face when I returned from my run without falling over on the icy pavements or snowy hills, nor getting lost (can you see the path in the bottom photo?). And I smiled throughout my run as I was virtually alone in a snowy wonderland, with the sound of my feet crunching in the snow accompanied by the sound of the river, and Les Mis 10th anniversary concert on my iPod Shuffle.

Things I heard today that made me smile
As I arrived home, the boys were watching Fawlty Towers so all of that really!
Being called 'super multitasking woman of the year' - thanks Fatima!
'These meatballs are as good as yours Mummy, but they're not better!' My son is a diplomat!

Smile in other languages
In Aleut -  Aaluxtal

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Smiles 19:365

My 'smile' today was going to be the delicious lunch I had at Glattzentrum - Rotes Currysauce mit Gemüse und Reis - but my iPhone had other ideas and refused to take a picture. Made me smile though.

However, that wasn't my only smile and the photograph my phone did deign to take shows another.
Desigual were having a Schlussverkauf today with nibbles and drinks, and reductions! Plus they were giving away free shopping bags :0) and I bought a new dress :0D
Also purchased on the shopping trip - a ski jacket and a ski helmet. Pictures will follow when they see action I'm sure!

Oh, and here's another snow picture! Taken from the tram to Glatt - another thing that makes me smile, especially as Jude always insists on sitting right at the back in the raised seats next to the huge windows.

Smile on other languages
In Danish (as I'm watching Borgen!) - smil

Friday, 18 January 2013

Smiles 18:365

How could I not smile as I ran through the woods in bright sunshine through deep fluffy snow? I guess running isn't everyone's cup of tea but it puts a smile on my face, particularly on beautiful days like today.

Things I heard today that made me smile
I backed a displayboard (another love of mine that is not shared by everyone!)
I was told I was wonderful for doing it.
My cakes sold out at the Bake Sale.
My Mum sent me an email - her 2nd one ever - saying she'd read the ISW magazine - online! She's getting very clever!

Smile in other languages
In Dutch - glimlach

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Smiles 17:365

An army of Lego figures advancing across the living room floor. If only they were fighting against the fast accumulating dust...

And another smile today was this morning at 'drop off' when the children decided to knock all the snow off the bicycle shelter by banging on the sides. There were children from all the grades having a go and their coordination in simultaneous banging was wordless. Great to see kids enjoying the snow.

Things I heard that made me smile
When asked the name of the person on CBBC, Jude replied Mile Tyson. And had no idea why we laughed as we looked at the skinny white bloke on TV.
@ceparker71 liked my "Spanish glasses"
I took part in #BigMacBook on Twitter. My favourites - Mr Happy Meal (@MrBirchICT) McChicken Licken (@TraceyKewley) and Lord of the Fries (me!)

Smile in other languages
In Catalan - somriure

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Smiles 16:365

There's a part of Stadthausstrasse that always raises a smile as its where people park their 'unusual vehicles'. I'm now well used to recumbent bikes but I've never seen so many 'mini cars' for want of a better term. Some are nearer to motorbikes or quad bikes than cars, but others are certainly pretenders to car-dom. And today's is no exception. Nice colour!

Things I heard today that made me smile.
The excitement with which M (to whom I teach English) described the 'island fish tank' that he got for Christmas for his fish. And then I smiled more when I was shown said item which resembled a cross between an underwater hamster cage and Tracey Island!
His sister M who obviously had 4 weeks of pent up English inside her that she felt she had to unleash in a torrent. I don't think she paused to breathe for at least ten minutes!
A parent asking if I was taking over from a teacher who's leaving - 'I'd like you to teach my child.'
Countless jokes about horses and Tescos.

Smile in other languages.
In French Guiana Creole - Ari

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Smiles 15:365

I have a morning smile and an evening smile today, both courtesy of social networks!

On opening Facebook this morning, I found this photograph (the last in a series of 3 as they cross the road) of my talented 'son' (long story) David who, along with his friends, had decided that today would be 'Onesie Day'. Guess that's what you do when studying music in London... 
Very cute anyway and definitely made me smile!

And then this evening I was tweeted by @lancslassrach who told me that her daughter Bea had looked up at the sky and said 'Look Mummy! The sky's smiling!'
And look - she was right!

Thank you both for permission to share your smiles!

Smile in other languages
In Zulu - ukumamatheka

Monday, 14 January 2013

Smiles 14:365

Today I have borrowed a smile from a friend - with his permission! It's a smile in spite of a broken a toe, and it made me smile too!

And a second (unrelated!) photograph. I passed here today on my run and wondered who lived here - and why that name which made me smile! So I investigated. Apparently the Odd Fellows refers to a number of friendly societies and fraternal organisations, set up originally for those without a Guild to support them in times of need. Judging by the symbol, this particular one seems to belong to the US version the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)  So not just a silly name!

Things I heard today that made me smile

Coffee Break German is launching soon !

Smile in other languages
In Turkish - tebessüm

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Smiles 13:365

I'm in the worship group at church and during rehearsal today I popped downstairs. On my return journey, I spotted this drum kit case at the top of the stairs with a little face peeking out. And then I heard a little voice. Ben's big brother had zipped him into the case and was filming his efforts to get out. I told him to try and get his arm out and unzip it.
Made me laugh to see the case wiggle around the landing!
He did manage to escape shortly afterwards!

Smile in other languages
In Persian - لبخند

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Smiles 12:365

I always smile when I see this quirky bench in Winterthur by the Bibliothek. It's usually covered with children climbing on the animal heads, or sliding down the snake. Looks like it's been given a new lick of paint!

And do you know what else made me smile? I went for a run! After a week of exhaustion (first time I've worked a whole week in years!) and a very sore back caused by sitting on Liliputian chairs, I needed that!

Smile in other languages.
In Irish - miongháire

Friday, 11 January 2013

Smiles 11:365

Thank you to my friend - and fellow ISW mum - Lisa for bringing me lemon drizzle cake. Her cake, scones and other baked things always make me smile, and last year she made a homesick girl very happy by providing the best mince pie I've ever eaten! Today she also reported that I've been missed at school this week - which is nice!

Things I heard today that made me smile
During Writers Workshop in KG this week, a child asked for a stretchy sock. I was intrigued as to why that would help them with their writing. The 6 year old explained that they used it to stretch words and help them write them. cat is stretched to c-a-t and so on.
Today I wore long stripey socks and a child said 'we could stretch very long words with your socks, Mrs S!' So we did!

Smile in other languages
In Hindi - मुस्कान

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Smiles 10:365

If you wondered why there are areas of Zürich Hauptbahnhof behind hoardings, there are giant PlayMobil men working with proportionally oversized shovels ;)
A cheery way to start the day - added to the heisse Schoggi this morning as a treat for bring early!

More smiles at school courtesy of Kindergarten including comments on wrinkles (not mine) and the sight of a a group of incredibly muddy kids emerging from the garden area having had rather a lot of fun making garden art, building 'hotels' and finding mini beasts.

Smile in other languages
In Romanian - zâmbește

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Smiles 9:365

Today we have a 'looks like a smile' picture.

Can you spot it on the ZVV (Zürich Transport System) zone map?

Look at the lakes - Zürichersee makes the mouth, and Greifensee  (dissects zone 130) and Pffäfikersee (bottom of zone 135) the eyes. Always amuses me when I'm waiting for a train. Which isn't a bad thing!

Things I saw today that made me smile
The MediaMarkt advertisement featuring nudity in a board room and a well placed objet d'art!
The workmen installing bollards outside the Royal Hospital in Belfast to stop nurses parking who forgot that they'd parked their van INSIDE the bollards!
Being hugged at least four times today by various 6 year olds for no apparent reason. One even ran down the corridor to do it - didn't have the heart to tell her off for breaking a class rule...!

Smile in other languages
In Bulgarian - Усмивка

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Smiles 8:365

Who could fail to smile at a Chicaboo or two? A toy of my childhood, they're now called Monchhichi and Jude got two for Christmas. I think it's the choochie cheeks, cheeky eyes and fur that do it! They're called Chichi and Choochi.

Smile in other languages
In Finnish - hymy

Monday, 7 January 2013

Smiles 7:365

I've smiled lots today - can't help it when you're working with 6 year olds! Quaint spellings, wonderfully improbable but well argued explanations of things and, most of all, their zest for life!

Today's photograph though is Jude who made me smile as he wallowed in the bath wearing a shower hat to keep his hair dry. He sadly misunderstood the ability of said hat to remain watertight if he half submerged his head by lying on the water! And he does have the loveliest smile!

Smile in other languages

In Portuguese sorriso 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Smiles 6:366

On my run to Wülflingen and back I often see cows in the field by the level crossing - I have a love hate relationship with that barrier - and sometimes I see some horses as I turn to go up the hill.
However today I was bleated at by these sheep grazing in the vineyard on the steep hill around the middle of which I was running. There were about 20 of them - most ignored me but some of them looked quite bemused as I ran past. Perhaps it was hi-vis top that made them bleat so loudly and ring their bells...

Things I heard today that made me smile
This tweet from @lancslassrachel telling me that her 4 year old enjoys The Lingo Show, a programme on CBeebies in which I was involved.
Jude announcing that he's 'King for the day' as he found the figure in the Dreikönigskuchen and wearing his crown throughout Sunday lunch.

Smile in other languages 
In Lithuanian - Šypsokis (and, linking to today's picture, it's pronounced like Sheep-So-Kiss)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Smiles 5:365

One thing that is guaranteed to put a huge smile in my face is dark chocolate. And today I sampled Vollenweider Dunkele Heisse Schokolade. Heavenly smooth, full flavoured and utterly delicious! And you get a handmade chocolate with it!

And then there was this sheep. Hope his relatives weren't on the menu...

Smile in other languages
In Korean - 미소

Friday, 4 January 2013

Smiles 4:365

There are many lovely decorative engravings and statues along Obertor and Untertor in Winterthur. This one above Migros always makes me smile when I look up to see a topless woman with what looks like a tarpaulin on her head, and a chicken sitting on top of that. Why? I'm sure there's a story, just haven't discovered it yet!

And this bonus photograph of the evening sky is Jude's choice. He noticed it first and commented how much he liked the colour.

Smile in other languages
In Welsh (as it's @skinnyboyevans' special birthday!) - gwenu

Things I heard that made me smile
Having made a faux pas myself by thinking that Example was called Exhibit (and that he sang Read all about it with Emile Sande), Jude then added to the smiles by telling me that I meant Professor Green whose real name is Peter Mandelson... (It's actually Stephen Manderson)