Thursday, 31 July 2014

MoreSmiles 212:365

really enjoyed my run today - and I went much faster than I have since I broke my ankle. For five miles! 

(That means I'm a mad woman who runs!)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

MoreSmiles 211:365

This time last year we left Switzerland to return to England. There's a bit of me that will always be there though.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MoreSmiles 210:365

Today's biggest smiles came when Jude and I went to Touchwood Solihull on an errand. Joe & the juice made us smile but we couldn't stop giggling and 'ouching' as I kept giving Jude electric shocks every time we touched. 
And a lovely after dinner run too. It was actually cool!

Monday, 28 July 2014

MoreSmiles 209:365

Sad news today threatened to steal all our smiles but how could I not smile with Robert around?
A couple of hours exploring his new quilt and talking about boats, elephants and giraffes as well as cherries that are, according to Robert, tomatoes and a plastic crocodile eating ice creams and ice lollies. 
There's no slacking though. Robert was unimpressed that I paused in my talking to take his photo!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

MoreSmiles 208:365

The boys went for a sleepover this evening so John and I went out for coffee and dessert. Crème brûlée for me and an assortment of mini portions for John. And a walk along the canal too. 
Liked the sculpture above that we saw in the Jewellery Quarter. 

And I enjoyed a run this morning as the weather was a bit cooler, and that meant that I could have a mid-afternoon Pimms which counts as at least 2 of my 5 a day given the amount of fruit I add!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

MoreSmiles 207:365

My boy is home! Very hot, not too dirty and very very tired!
And very happy to be in his bed - although the Blofeld impression is quite scary...

In other news, we have harvested out first peas. 

And meet my new friend, named Albert by Jude as soon as he arrived home. Albert nods :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

MoreSmiles 206:365

I've been posting 3 happy things in FB for the last four days and today is the last. My final 3 things:
1. Jude comes home tomorrow. 
2. Dinner at ASK.
3. I went the library so have plenty of books now. 

Mum bought us this anniversary card. Makes me smile as it looks a bit like us when we cycled around Holland!! Well, apart from the fact I wore crop tops and Gail's cycling shorts. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

MoreSmiles 205:365

This made me giggle!

Making some contraption with Isaac was amusing - cutting foam board with a craft knife was rather stressful but did earn me a hug from Isaac, as long as I put the knife down first :)
Working in the sunshine made me smile. And finishing a piece of work was good too.
I have lots of very funny friends - Sinclair's commentary on the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony made me giggle, and 'Theo and the Lamborghini' today made me laugh. And now a comment about popcorn by Ant has me guffawing.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

MoreSmiles 204:365

John and I bought each other the same card. That's what 20 years of marriage does to you!

John booked us a day at Champneys today and we had a lovely relaxing day. Lying in the sun (or the shade if you're John!) cycling, swimming, being pummelled, massaged and pampered. 

And dinner in the garden. With Prosecco.
Why shouldn't I smile? 

Monday, 21 July 2014

MoreSmiles 202:365

Very true - and thanks for the card Chloe! You are lovely - inside and out. 

Smiles today:
Being reminded of how cool 2Simple and Purple Mash are. 
My nephew Harry turning 13.
Seeing Bob's face light up when he saw cake. 
Being used as an armchair by Bob for so long that my buttock went into spasm. 
No more school until September. 
Seeing my beautiful little sister. 
A glass of Pimms on my swinging bench. 

MoreSmiles 201:365

Walking with my boy :)

Made a new friend today on Cannock Chase.

Saw this sign. 

And here's a huge shoe to kick off my attempt to run a long way this summer. I started with 5.75 miles today in rather hot conditions - and that after a long walk this morning. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

MoreSmiles 200:365

Great night out with WCPS last night. 

Waved goodbye to Jude as he set off for BB camp in Exmouth. 

A loom band made for me by a Y2.
And Haribo given to me by two Y6s on Thursday night as they were a bit cross I didn't get some flowers like some of the other teachers! Both made me smile and feel loved! 

Isaac creates a sculpture with his lunch.

My eye is now purple but the swelling has gone down. Still causing great amusement!

Watching the Kaiser Chiefs opening the concert from Edinburgh made me think 'Doesn't Ricky wilson look like my colleague Josh?' and also made me think of one of the now ex-Year 6s called Ruby as I sang to her whenever I wanted her attention. Not original I know but it amused us!

And the skirl of the bagpipes always gets me going - magnificent! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

MoreSmiles 199:365

A trip to both schools at which I teach today.
A leavers assembly at WPS with Y6 showing off their various talents including magic, singing and dancing. I particularly enjoyed the chicken skank, finally discovered what 'German Whip' sounds like and was moved by a poem read by two girls about not letting anyone steal your dreams.
And then I went to WCPS as I'd promised to sign T-shirts and autograph books today.
A card from one of the Y6 girls made me fill up (much to her pleasure) and I got lots of hugs and "I'll miss you"-s And then I made the mistake of getting too close to a ping pong tournament and was walloped in the eye by a ping pong paddle. Certainly living up to "Calamity Stevens" this year! I started it on crutches, was back on crutches in the middle of the year and ended it with a nascent black eye! Let's hope that's it now!

And so to the staff night out... 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

MoreSmiles 198:365

Lots of fun today - and lots of enjoying the sunshine first with Y2 and then Y6.
Spanish bingo with Y2 was fun as was finding out their favourite bits of Spanish this year.
The rounders tournament between Y5 and 6 was very competitive. I never want to umpire another match; too stressful!
Staff lunch was very tasty - rather a lot of food left over so none will be needing lunch tomorrow!
And Year 6 leavers evening was emotional as always. I even had my own 'tear watch' as various children saw it as their duty to monitor the productivity of my tear ducts, turning around at two minute intervals to see if I had succumbed yet. They didn't have to wait long! Lovely to see children that I've known since they were in Reception grown up and ready for secondary school. And the Nursery pictures were adorable!
That's me finished teaching for the academic year although I have to go to school for a teacher day on Monday.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

MoreSmiles 197:365

A double rainbow! And it's lasting a long time too. 

No teaching until lunchtime apart from break duty during which I was asked again if I was going to be a proper teacher now. I have two theories to add to the yellow Tshirt one forwarded last week: the children think I'm a GTP/SD trainee (less likely) OR you can only be a proper teacher if you have your own class (more likely) I replied that I was a 'proper teacher' but would continue to have lots of classes and would still be teaching them Spanish next year. 

I survived leading a staff meeting on the last week of term when no one was in the mood. It went well considering,  although the dog fell asleep! 

And Jude received a letter about his excellent conduct at school that has been noticed by HER teachers. It seems that this was a typo on many people's letters but it reminded me of multiple explanations when he was little:
Yes, he's beautiful.
No, he's not a girl.
Jude is a boy's name. And, no, it's not short for Judith. 
No, he's not named after Jude Law. But he's a man, isn't he? So why are you asking if my baby is a girl!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

MoreSmiles 196:365

Isaac's awards at Presentation evening are documented above. German Academic Champion, Champion Reader, House Merit Award winner and History Academic Champion. Quite a haul for someone who started his GCSE studies a year after his peers, and a deserved reward for a summer of 'catching up' 
Also good to see several ex-pupils receiving awards - including a French prize and a German prize!

I have no photos but the staff rounders match certainly put a smile on my face. My team didn't win but given out rudimentary understanding of the rules let alone tactics and our average age compared to the other team, we acquitted ourselves well and made much more noise! 

And I had to smile at one y5 who, when told we were playing bingo and there'd be a small prize, asked if it was £10 for a line. And another that said 'you're not going to say that the prize is a kiss like my Dad does are you?'.
One was relieved and the other disappointed that it was a mini Mars bar!

Monday, 14 July 2014

MoreSmiles 195:365

I was presented with a gift this morning from a family at school. I was so touched as I never (well, very very rarely!) receive presents from pupils. The card was lovely too with lots of 'smile' stamps inside it and a message to that made me beam. Just what I needed after a trying day with people who just want to be on holiday NOW. 
I was also amused today by the child who, when asked "What have you learnt in Spanish this year?", wrote 'Spanish'. And another who declared that he wanted to learn German now thanks to the World Cup. 
Loved Angela Merkel's handbag last night!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

MoreSmiles 194:365

The Family Fun Day at Wheatmoor Farm is always great fun - and very windy! Rain went away so it was dry too. Love the poppies growing on the edges of the fields, and the view for miles around. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

MoreSmiles 193:365

The bathroom is finished - shiny blue walls!
A (very hot!) run this morning. 
Plantsbrook School performance of High School Musical was really good (especially given my aversion to said musical) 
My neighbour's 70th birthday 'do.'
Homemade curry for dinner.
Pimms :)
All good reasons to smile today!