Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Smiles 120:365

Cows = smiles.
Enough to stop me in my running tracks to say hello and take photographs.

I also smiled at
-coffee with Grade5 Mums - and Dad!
-a good run
-successful iPad training delivered
-no school/work tomorrow

Monday, 29 April 2013

Smiles 119:365

We recorded the RSI coverage of Tour of Romandie last night and this evening we watched it back to see if we could spot ourselves.
What a great game! There were many sightings but mostly so fast that you blink and miss it. And the pause button on the TV wasn't always very good at pausing the screen in focus...
Still... below you have some evidence.

Chris Froome on his way to 3rd place in the TimeTrial and an overall win - and I'm below the Arrivée caption in the silly sunglasses (freebies!)

As Rui Costa powers to 3rd overall, you can see Jude (yellow cap) and me (white cap) yelling - in a blur! The black blur is Isaac!

Here you can see Richie Porte about to finish - you can clearly see John by the red elephant (top left) and the peak of my white cap to his right.

And here you can see Jude (yellow cap under Arrivée) looking bemused and me (face split in half by a pole) looking thunderous as I'd just yelled in Spanish at Tom Danielson as I was reliably informed by my husband that "Valverde is the next rider!'

Other smiles today came from Zumba (see the end of the post for more Zumba related smiles), rescuing a friend in need in Lidl and being amused by the ability of non-events to be blown out of all proportion!

Say cheese in other languages
Continuing with French, another way to make people smile is get them to say Pepsi!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Smiles 118:365

Cheap accommodation in Geneva - only 9CHF/day for this compact bijoux living space as modelled by Jude!

Modelling Tour de Romandie goodies - I've eaten the cheese and drunk the Chicco d'oro coffee!

Chris Froome won the Tour of Romandie, and my family disowned me as I shouted so loudly for all the Sky riders. I can shout very loudly, it's true; however this sounded louder than usual thanks to the lack of anyone else shouting encouragement at all! If you're watching the highlights, I'm at 200m to go by the red Raiffesen pig!

A lovely family day out with lots of fun and laughter!

Say cheese in other languages
In French you can also just say Souriez! which means smile.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Smiles 117:365

Isaac decided that the melon and cucumber looked like an orb and sceptre so Jude took it one step further and donned a helmet!
My boys make me laugh!

Those who know me well know that I am very partial to dungarees and always have been. So when i saw this article in 20Minuten I felt I had to share. And then I was sent a link to an article in The Guardian by someone who has known me for over 20 years and has always been very amused by my love of the 'overalls' as they call them in America! Long or short, dungarees are utterly wonderful and I don't care if they're in fashion or not - I like them!

Say cheese in other languages
One way of getting people to smile for a photo in French is to say Ouisitii! which means marmoset

Friday, 26 April 2013

Smiles 116:365

Things that made me smile today
The box of chocolates above was given to John but he is kindly sharing them!
RedRun training was fun as usual, and I had to smile at the Grade5s who dragged themselves around despite looking as white as sheets from tiredness!
The DP students who were having a 'Keep your hand on the wall' competition and suffered the indignity of having water balloons thrown at them, and then Lisa and I added ice cubes to the mix!! I'm wondering how long they lasted - are they still standing there now?
The boys receiving their German certificates - Sehr gut bestanden for both of them!

Say cheese in other languages
In Finnish - you say Muikku (vendance) Sano muikku!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Smiles 115:365

I'm a very proud Mummy today as all Jude's hard work over the last few months culminates in his PYP Exhibition. Here's Jude (and his partner Jordan) telling my friend Miranda all about the causes and effects of air pollution. I had no idea he knew so much about it!

Apart from smiling with pride, I had to smile at all the comments from others about him including from the Principal's husband who declared "your son's something else!" and another parent who called him " a "little professor."

Say cheese in other languages
In Denmark, you don't ask people to say cheese; Sig 'appelsin' means say 'orange'

And here's Jude's video explaining how to create Smog in a bottle.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Smiles 114:365

A new environmental art installation outside Technikum. I like the climbing men and the green plants.

John being away, we went to Bruderhaus for dinner, said hello to the mouflon and bison, and walked home via HB for an ice cream. We like warm evenings.

The boys were admiring a Ferrari and I asked if it had a D8 engine. Jude burst out "I sometimes wonder if we really are related!" (I know - it's a V8. But D and V sound similar...)

Say cheese in other languages
In Czech you can also say Řekněte sýr!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Smiles 113:365

You never know what you'll find when you open the fridge. Apparently they're contemplating...

Other things that made me smile 
Going for a 5.5 mile run before RedRun training
The inability of a group of women to agree on a date to go out together - a date was fixed then the organiser remembered she had Beyonce tickets for that night...
Great reports about Isaac from his teachers.

Say cheese in other languages
In Czech - Vyletí ptáček! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Smiles 112:365

Still on a high after Saturday. Sadly Miranda was not well today so we couldn't relive the moment in Zumba class but we talked about it and shared the video over and over!

Today's photograph popped up when I was doing some spring cleaning to make room on my packed start up disk - it's amazing how much certain people have changed in 3 years! And yes, Jude once had spikey hair!

Say cheese in other languages
In Croatian you say Ptičica

(forgive late posting - I was too engrossed in the finale of Broadchurch to remember to publish last night. Oops!)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Smiles 111:365

Oh what a night! I don't think I stopped smiling all evening - and laughing! And singing and dancing.
This the 'Zumba Mums' before photo - before we changed into our bubble tops and got very hot and sweaty dancing to entertain other parents at the school benefit. (See the end of the post for the 'during' photo!)
Love them all!
And thanks to David Pickup for taking so many photographs - including a 'great' one of me waving my arms in the air with my mouth wide open, singing!

Other smiles today came from a 8.75mile run on which I swear I must have been perspiring Prosecco, the London Marathon which always moves me, and a huge bowl of rice krispies after church when I was very very hungry!

Say cheese in other languages
Finally, in Mandarin you can also just say 笑一笑! (xiào yī xiào!) - smile

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Smiles 110:365

It's snowing! Absolutely bizarre  weather!

John took these photographs this morning. Plucky little flowers peeking through the snow made me smile. Hope they don't get too cold and die. 

Zumba rehearsal this morning, TeachMeet International this afternoon and the ISW Spring Benefit this evening - plenty to smile about!

Say cheese in other languages
In Taiwan, people say  (qī) - seven in Mandarin to get a smile!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Smiles 109:365

I was looking through iPhoto and found this photo of this time last year when I was running the Dubendorflauf around a military airfield. That's me in pink under the wing of the Tante Ju! Arty isn't it?

Other things that made me smile today
Playing Where's the lizard? with M and M who devised increasingly ridiculous hiding places - but their knowledge of prepositions has improved!
HIGNFY used the photo of the fieldmouse I posted yesterday for their caption competition - suggestion was 'Celebrate Spring by tickling your bum with pollen'
Bake Sale after school on a rainy day.

Say cheese in other languages
In China, people say 茄子 (qiézi) - eggplant in Mandarin.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Smiles 108:365

A cute animal smiling today. How could you fail to smile at that?

Say cheese in other languages
The final way of making someone smile when you take their photograph in Cantonese is to count -

一 二 三 (yāt yim sàam) - one two three

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Smiles 107:365

Today's smile photo was sent to me by my friend Krislyn who thought I'd like it might make me smile as it had her. And I did! 

Other things that made me smile today
Cycling everywhere in the sunshine - I should have logged how far I went but I was just enjoying it!
Finding out that I'd managed to do two 101:365 posts and two 102:365 posts which explained why other 365 bloggers were on 106 yesterday when I wasn't!
Fun at my English class when I decided to teach prepositions by hiding a cuddly lizard.
More sitting in the sunshine reading a book.

Say cheese in other languages
In Cantonese they also say 小小 (síusíu) - a little

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Smiles 106:365

Beautiful daffodils - or schöne Osterglöckchen. I do love spring flowers! And as John pointed out, they were hardly visible on Saturday!
A day that began drizzly tuned out beautifully with glorious sunshine. Hurrah! I'm making the most of it as it'll be cold on Friday apparently :(

Say cheese in other languages
In Cantonese, they say 笑 (siu) - laugh

Monday, 15 April 2013

Smiles 105:365

Sechseläuten meant John had a day off so we went to the Thermalbad in Zürich as I had a voucher from my run last week. In an old brewery, the highlight for me was the rooftop pool. Freaked me out a bit thanks to my vertigo but I got used to it in the end, and it was such a beautiful day! Unfortunately no photos as you weren't allowed to take your camera/phone inside but if you look at the website you can see!
And for Jude who is rather partial to a bacon butty!

Other things that made me smile
Lunch in Tibits with John.
Zumba rehearsal - nearly disappearing down a crack that opened in the stage was particularly funny!
The penultimate episode of Broadchurch - why has it taken them this long to think of looking at Tom's computer, and only when the vicar gave it to them? And what about his phone? It's been weeks!
And, in all the drama and carnage and sadness of events at the Boston Marathon, I smiled as I read of all the people offering their homes to stranded runners, of those who kept running to the hospital to give blood, of those who helped the injured when they themselves were injured. There are horrid people in this world but there are good people too who won't be defeated by thuggery and violence.

Say cheese in other languages
In Catalan, to make people smile, they say Lluis!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Smiles 104:365

A beautiful day - I think I might even have gained a few freckles! A cycle ride this morning to Wiesendangen for a coffee and then back via Segelflugplatz, Hegmatten.
Amazing watching the gliders take off;
either towed by a 'plane or 'catapulted' by a winch. And the sky was so blue.
Looking forward to a week of sunshine!

Say cheese in other languages
In Bulgarian they also say Зеле! (Zele!) which means Cabbage!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Smiles 103:365

A sunny day - and no coat! :o)
I sat outside this afternoon and read my book - spring has finally sprung with some sun.

More smiles today 
I managed a run after a week of having to rest my foot/leg and didn't end up limping so that's an achievement.
On hearing "The boys are back in town", Isaac said 'Ah, that's by Skinny Lizzy isn't it?'
Alpaca pictures taken by Isaac and John on their bike ride.
Trying out the new scan as you shop at Migros - which worked fine until paying then went wrong so we ended up with 17 Twisters - boys loved that!

Say cheese in other languages
In Bulgarian - Усмивка! (Usmivka!) - Smile!

And here are the alpaca pictures. Sure the brown one is smiling!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Smiles 102:365

Pop art themed cupcakes in Vollenweider! I may have to buy one tomorrow - looked at them for long enough!

Other smiles today
I completed the reorganization of adult fiction books in the ISW library - very pleased!
The inaugural Red Run training session went well despite a torrential downpour midway through and some crafty sabotage of the relay race by EY/K/G1 who collected letters from other lanes as well as their own!
Curry for tea :o)

"Say cheese" in other languages
In Belarussian - Ўсміхнуся! (Wsmikhnusia!) - smile

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Smiles 101:365

I smiled as soon as I woke this morning as Kathy had shared this gorgeous little chap with me via Facebook. He's called Duncan and was rescued along with another calf. They had to wear jumpers as they were so frail. I do love cows!

Other things that made me smile today
Lunch in Tibits with Lisa.
Ironing whilst watching Peter Kay's Tour that didn't Tour. I hadn't quite finished when I had to pick up the boys so they saw the last 20 minutes and were laughing like drains.
It wasn't icy cold - I nearly discarded my coat...
The kitchen was clean and tidy for more than four hours!!!

Today is the start of a new language meme - how to encourage people to smile when taking a photograph. It's called
Say Cheese in other languages.
In English - say cheese!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Smile 100:365

My Achilles is not happy at the moment so I put on some socks to make me smile about my feet. My MiL bought these for my Christmas a few years ago and, whilst I rarely wear them as they are really not me, they always make me smile. Why? Because Mu had no idea what Twitter was when she bought them, nor did she know what a Twitter-er I am. And they are sort of twee!
It was Day of Pink at ISW today; an anti-bullying celebration that comes from Canada apparently. Everyone had to wear pink, and two girls decided to bring in their pony and let people who were suitably attired ride it. Of course the pony - who was very very patient - was kitted out in pink too!

Finally,  I made the rest of my family smile by asking where the thunder cable for iPad Mini had gone. "Call yourself an ADE!" they thought!

Smile in other languages
In Semaphore -

Having made it to 100 and run out of languages for which I can find out how to say 'a smile', tomorrow I will start a new language series.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Smiles 99:365

I received this today - rather snazzy!

And we received the above from the lovely Hallybones. As a Spurs fan, Jude was particularly excited although Isaac was pleased too as a football fan. Thank you so much! One day we'll think of something nice to do for you!

The sun came out today - that made me smile.
My blog stayed online all day - that made me smile.
I caught up with 4 hours of Broadchurch - that was good though the subject matter is not exactly smile inducing!

Smile in other languages
In Hieroglyphics 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Smiles 98:365

I found this picture on the Zürich Marathon Flickr stream. Loving cows as I do, it made me smile broadly. I might even change my avatar...

Smile in other languages
In Textspeak - :-D or :o), or if you're a cow }:8)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Smiles 97:365

I ran the Zürich Marathan 10K City Run this morning. I wasn't over enamoured of the very early start but it proved to be good as I ran really well and posted a better time than I'd expected!
Official time 53:58,9 
329th overall out of 899
80th out of 199 in my category.

There's something lovely about live music whilst you're running a race, and the diversity here is much appreciated. A couple of steel bands, as well as a random man playing a saxophone (badly) contrasted with two groups of gentlemen playing alpine horns - so serene and inspiring, almost literally uplifting.

And afterwards, free popcorn. Just what I needed. 

Other smiles today
Fabian Cancellara aka Spartacus won Paris-Roubaix in a battle to the line. My Swiss hero <3
Hugs from the boys at the end of the race and their caring attitude when I was shivering, teeth chattering.
John has some good painkillers for his sore back - I was glad to see the glimmer of a smile flicker across his pained face.
Mini eggs and my favourite biscuits courtesy of a nifty bit of smuggling from the "Northern Easter Bunnies." Thanks!

Smile in other languages
In Morse code -  ... -- .. .-.. . 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Smiles 96:365

This time last year...

Happy anniversary Mum and Ray!

Had a busy day and, as I'm running a race tomorrow, we went to Saalsporthalle to pick up my number and so I could eat my free pasta - tasty!
Nothing special to report but good day!

Smile in other languages
In Hexadecimal -
S= 53
M= 4D
I= 49
L= 4C
E= 45

Friday, 5 April 2013

Smiles 95:365

We went to Basel today which meant that we had another game of 'Study the public transport network map and find funny names' - I think you will see our favourite on the above photo!
Jude's glee at being on a TGV was also a huge smiling point - he does like a good train. Isaac, on the other hand, loves a good leaflet, map or timetable!
I can recommend the Fondation Beyeler gallery - a good variety of interesting artists (although we were rather annoyed that ALL the Picassos, and the Warhols and Lichtensteins were on loan to other galleries!

After the gallery we went to investigate Basel and stopped for a drink. Not many McDonalds where you get this view!

And my website is back up and running and pink! Hurrah!

Smile in other languages
In Binary (Intel x86 ASCII set) - 
S= 01110011
M= 01101101
I= 01001001
L= 01101100
E= 01000101

(Thanks to David Pickup for supplying me with more ideas. Watch this space over the next few days!)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Smiles 94:365

Today is one of those days when my smile slipped a bit - the hacking of my website was less easily sorted than we'd hoped and required a complete wipe and rebuild, just as lots of people were wanting to look at it. It's still not done - and I feel dreadful as I can't do anything. A friend hosts it and is having to do all the work for me.

And that's where's smile came back. I am so fortunate to have such a kind lovely friend. Especially as we have never actually met. He's about as far north as you can get in Scotland without ending up in the sea and I'm now in Switzerland. Our friendship was formed discussing edtech on Sunday nights via videocon and cemented 'heckling subversively' on the back channel. I've sent him cake and he's sent me a toffee apple every year (including in Switzerland although Customs ate it I fear!) and we have a shared love of cows. And once I calmed down today, I spent a while thinking about all that and smiling.
So, thank you Sinclair for being such a hero. And thank you for the smiles }:8)
PS love to Angus!

Smiles in other languages
In BSL (British Sign Language) Click here

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Smiles 93:365

This time last year (above) I was sunbathing in Konstanz - it's rather colder this year but I was still wearing my dungarees!

Lots of smiles today, not least this evening when I was interviewed by @EDUTalkr aka John and David for their weekly radio broadcast. Great to talk to them and great to share some ideas and thoughts about education, technology and creativity. I'm going to have to write something about it as I've now thought of so much more that I could have said and want to say! But not now as I have a good book to read, a bath run and a cup of chocolate Horlicks to drink.
Big smile!

Smiles in other languages
In ASL (American Sign Language) -

PS this continues to make me smile every time I look at it!