Monday, 29 April 2013

Smiles 119:365

We recorded the RSI coverage of Tour of Romandie last night and this evening we watched it back to see if we could spot ourselves.
What a great game! There were many sightings but mostly so fast that you blink and miss it. And the pause button on the TV wasn't always very good at pausing the screen in focus...
Still... below you have some evidence.

Chris Froome on his way to 3rd place in the TimeTrial and an overall win - and I'm below the Arrivée caption in the silly sunglasses (freebies!)

As Rui Costa powers to 3rd overall, you can see Jude (yellow cap) and me (white cap) yelling - in a blur! The black blur is Isaac!

Here you can see Richie Porte about to finish - you can clearly see John by the red elephant (top left) and the peak of my white cap to his right.

And here you can see Jude (yellow cap under Arrivée) looking bemused and me (face split in half by a pole) looking thunderous as I'd just yelled in Spanish at Tom Danielson as I was reliably informed by my husband that "Valverde is the next rider!'

Other smiles today came from Zumba (see the end of the post for more Zumba related smiles), rescuing a friend in need in Lidl and being amused by the ability of non-events to be blown out of all proportion!

Say cheese in other languages
Continuing with French, another way to make people smile is get them to say Pepsi!

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