Saturday, 13 April 2013

Smiles 103:365

A sunny day - and no coat! :o)
I sat outside this afternoon and read my book - spring has finally sprung with some sun.

More smiles today 
I managed a run after a week of having to rest my foot/leg and didn't end up limping so that's an achievement.
On hearing "The boys are back in town", Isaac said 'Ah, that's by Skinny Lizzy isn't it?'
Alpaca pictures taken by Isaac and John on their bike ride.
Trying out the new scan as you shop at Migros - which worked fine until paying then went wrong so we ended up with 17 Twisters - boys loved that!

Say cheese in other languages
In Bulgarian - Усмивка! (Usmivka!) - Smile!

And here are the alpaca pictures. Sure the brown one is smiling!

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