Sunday, 21 April 2013

Smiles 111:365

Oh what a night! I don't think I stopped smiling all evening - and laughing! And singing and dancing.
This the 'Zumba Mums' before photo - before we changed into our bubble tops and got very hot and sweaty dancing to entertain other parents at the school benefit. (See the end of the post for the 'during' photo!)
Love them all!
And thanks to David Pickup for taking so many photographs - including a 'great' one of me waving my arms in the air with my mouth wide open, singing!

Other smiles today came from a 8.75mile run on which I swear I must have been perspiring Prosecco, the London Marathon which always moves me, and a huge bowl of rice krispies after church when I was very very hungry!

Say cheese in other languages
Finally, in Mandarin you can also just say 笑一笑! (xiào yī xiào!) - smile

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