Sunday, 7 April 2013

Smiles 97:365

I ran the Zürich Marathan 10K City Run this morning. I wasn't over enamoured of the very early start but it proved to be good as I ran really well and posted a better time than I'd expected!
Official time 53:58,9 
329th overall out of 899
80th out of 199 in my category.

There's something lovely about live music whilst you're running a race, and the diversity here is much appreciated. A couple of steel bands, as well as a random man playing a saxophone (badly) contrasted with two groups of gentlemen playing alpine horns - so serene and inspiring, almost literally uplifting.

And afterwards, free popcorn. Just what I needed. 

Other smiles today
Fabian Cancellara aka Spartacus won Paris-Roubaix in a battle to the line. My Swiss hero <3
Hugs from the boys at the end of the race and their caring attitude when I was shivering, teeth chattering.
John has some good painkillers for his sore back - I was glad to see the glimmer of a smile flicker across his pained face.
Mini eggs and my favourite biscuits courtesy of a nifty bit of smuggling from the "Northern Easter Bunnies." Thanks!

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