Thursday, 16 October 2014

MoreSmiles 289:365

2MW always make me smile but I made them smile today when I told them that I was staying with them until 1140 :) We had a fun Spanish lesson and then planned traditional tales in literacy. My example was about a cow and a field of carrots!

Watching a short part of Goodnight Mr Tom with Y5 madee smile as it's a lovely story and John Thaw is brilliant. A shame we could only watch 8 minutes. 
"Boxercise" was hard work but all the arm work is getting less 'impossible' and is now just 'very challenging' - and it feels great when you finish. 
It always makes me smile when I think that a class haven't been doing their best and I come to mark their books, expecting substandard work, only to discover a few gems that show understanding, application and imagination! 

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