Thursday, 2 October 2014

MoreSmiles 275:365

I enjoyed teaching y2 today. They quite often make me smile. Today they were on great form. One class came up with all kinds of reasons why a world made of chocolate would be a bad idea like it being very unhygienic and melting too often, then did some great animal impressions whilst recalling all the words we'd learned last week. And the other class and I had a fun game, all sat in a circle on the floor, pretending to be animals whilst one of the class tried to guess who was leading the animal impressions!
And punctuating these two lessons  was break time during which y1 pupils brought over some caterpillars to show me (my Mum would've done her nut) and then some y2 girls came to ask me to remove a spider from the toilets so they could wash their hands as they were scared!
All made me smile!

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