Friday, 14 June 2013

Smiles 165:365

What a day! 

It was Teachers' Appreciation Lunch at ISW today when the PA prepare a meal for the staff as a thank you for all their hard. This year it was moved from the penultimate day of school to the teacher only day after the last day which meant that teachers could enjoy their meal without worrying about an afternoon of teaching. They certainly enjoyed their  Indian feast today - and we enjoyed the leftovers. And Prosecco of course. 
I think it's a great way to say thank you and recognize the efforts of staff throughout the year in educating encouraging and nurturing our children. 

The room was beautifully decorated and as we cleared up, Anu decided I needed to be dressed in a sari. A beautiful blue one too - and then we all ended up dressed in saris. I now feel the need to get one as I loved it! And what a wonderful memory to take with me as I left ISW for the final time. 

And then, the best news that we've been awaiting for too long - Isaac has a place back at his old school. HURRAH!! 

So that was the cue for more Prosecco! 

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