Thursday, 6 June 2013

Smiles 157:365

One of the joys of living in Adlerstrasse is the proximity to Lindengut Museum which, as well as a Museum, is also where people get married on Thursday Friday and Saturday, especially in the summer. It can be colourful and noisy, sometimes smelly but always interesting.

Today we had two horse drawn carriages, one of which was "moved on" by traffic wardens as a delivery van was in its normal parking spot and both of which left 'gifts' (cleared up soon after the horses left!) and a hurdy gurdy player who punctuated the birdsong from the aviary with renditions of Here comes the bride and other wedding related songs.

listen to ‘As I sat reading, Here comes the bride’ on Audioboo

  Jude told me this evening that I looked like I had been skiing as I had 'panda eyes' - that's what comes of reading in the sun wearing sunglasses!

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