Saturday, 1 June 2013

Smiles 152:365

The weather here has been vile recently (a few brief glimpses of sun excepted) but there are some benefits - 10% "bad weather discount" in Migros today! Only in Switzerland! 

Both boys really wanted to throw themselves down into these cushions at the Kunsthaus today but restrained themselves as they were part if an art installation. That made me smile as did not having to pay the entrance fee as the museum had a "Tag der Offenen Tür" or Open Day :0)

And another Cole bottle, this time for my 
Schnüggel or 'sweetie/cutie' - except our "Schnüggel" (Jude) doesn't like fizzy drinks so I had to drink it ;)

Finally, I ticked another item off my 'things to do before leaving Switzerland' today. Still no cuckoo clock ;0)

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