Saturday, 16 March 2013

Smiles 75:365

The boys were taking ÖSD exams this morning so we decided to get out and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. We went up to Bruderhaus and haivng paid our respects to the recently deceased wolf :o(, looked at the gorgeous horses, deer and antelope, and had an ice-cream (the boys)
Then we walked back down the hill as we couldn't be doing with waiting for the bus - and it was downhill! Glad we did as we came across this smiling stump - and his three friends. How cheery!

My favourite animal picture from today - there are many more!

Things that made me smile today
The boys feel their exams. went well.
The sun shone.
I had a great run.
I found a new game app that is engrossing us all - Icomania!
I have a new pair of walking shoes, a shirt and a jacket, all bought in a sale! 
Chasing Jude around the living room trying to raspberry his stomach. 

Smile in other languages
In Chinese - 微笑

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