Monday, 4 March 2013

Smiles 63:365

I've got new trainers! And a list of exercises to do to correct my poorly aligned legs, lack of balance and the defects with my feet! You don't just buy a product here - it comes with analysis and advice!

And today the sun has come out so I took my trainers for a little 'breaking in' run. Admittedly it was a shorter run than I'd normally do (3 miles) and I avoided most hills, but my average pace was 8.24min/mile which is much faster than I've been for ages and ages, possibly bettered only by the good old days when my Nike+ gave me ridiculous stats about my speed based on a stride that I never properly managed to calibrate! As I've been feeling that I've lost my running mojo, this made me smile very broadly.

Zumba this morning also made me smile - I tackle it with great enthusiasm but just can't master the 'sexy wiggle' bits. Still, it's great fun and good exercise.

Smile in other languages
In Swahili - tabasamu
(This made me smile as, when asked in my Spanish lessons "shall I write it in Spanish?" I usually reply "Well, Swahili would be nice but as we're learning Spanish, yes, that would make sense!")

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