Sunday, 24 March 2013

Smiles 83:365

Cute pottery pigs in the window of an opticians in Winterthur. Made us think of Elsie-Mae who is somewhat obsessed with pigs!

And a new running route today, suggested by John. Another one of those 'only in Switzerland' moments; happily running through the woods, I emerge to find that I am literally running next to the motorway, separated from speeding vehicles by a flimsy fence!

Other things that made me smile today
Apple and caramel Mövenpick ice-cream.
Jude's mop of hair - someone commented he looked like Austin Powers the other day, but his hair is far longer than that.
Isaac's latest Star Wars construction - something to do with Darth Vader I think!
This tweet!

Smile in other languages
In Sirenikski -  laagheyúẋteqiíẋteẋ 

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