Saturday, 9 March 2013

Smile 68:365

Jude spotted these Gagnam Style Häsli today in Bachmann as we bought lunch today. Just one of many cute Easter bunnies. (Like the look of the Percy Pig Easter pig with 100s and 1000s shorts I saw in the M&S letter that arrived today!)

We visited the Verkehrshaus / Swiss Transport Museum today in Luzern. I took so many pictures but this is one of my favourites! 
Btw, NOB = Nord-Ost Bahn ;o)

Other things that made me smile
Being able to choose between catching a bus or boat to the Museum - we went for the boat on the way and the bus back - for the same price!
Watching the boys' faces on a screen as John 'flew' them in a flight simulator.
Going out in shoes and NO SOCKS!

Smiles in other languages
In Norwegian - smiler

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