Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Smiles 78:365

The poshest toilets ever seen... decorated with eggs in shot glasses! That made me smile! This was at Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern which has 5 stars and, I'm told, exceptionally comfortable beds that are just too comfortable for some people! As a fan of a hard bed, I can understand that!

This sight also made me smile - very colourful, and the start of a great day of looking at technology in education. I liked the fact that time and again it was mentioned that tools must be appropriate for the task and that iPads can't do everything! Even having to 'wipe' them all at the end of the day made me smile as I was woefully slow compared to the speed and skill of people who do it 3 or 4 times a week!
Great to see some 'old' friends too and make some new ones.

And chocolate too! I feel guilty that someone else's loss was my gain, but I shall make sure that Adrien gets chocolate next time I see him!

Also making me smile today - I returned home to find Isaac making koftas for tea, and John helping him. Between them they added 5 cloves of garlic and a unique mixture of herbs and spices. I have to say that the koftas were delicious nonetheless. 

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