Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Smiles 65:365

Sometimes it's not easy to smile. I found out about the tragic death of a lovely bloke today and I lost my smile. I wish he'd known how much he is missed and the hole that he has left in the lives of so many. But even in the saddest times, there are moments that bring smiles, even if they're fleeting, flickering and bittersweet, like seeing photos and thinking of happier times. My thoughts are with the family and close friends of @infernaldepart.

As our friends are currently in Iceland, I was thinking about our trip there at Christmas 2010 and what a great time we had. Sadly Z and A are currently stuck in their hotel thanks to extreme weather but I hope they've seen some of the island, and that they're stranded somewhere nice!

Other things that made me smile today
Jude told me he liked my spreadsheet as he looked at me making the bed this morning. I replied that I liked the bedspread too.
The sun shone whilst I was running - hurrah!
I used Tarsia in my English class today - and M and M loved it!

Smile in other languages
In Slovak - úsmev

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