Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Smiles 79:365

After a Twitter exchange about Scottish songs that started with Loch Lomond via Ye cannae shuv yer granny aff the bus, Ali Bali Bee and Bee Baw Babbitty to the video below, Three craws! Happy memories of childhood with Grandma and Grandpa singing to me, with square sausage and Scottish bread sandwiches and Tunnocks wafers!

Other things that made me smile today
A good run with running group.
A pleasant chat with one of the dads at school about life the universe and everything.
Big hugs from the boys for buying their favourite food!
A new Zumba top.
The Kelly episode of Cheers - shame John missed it as he was at the airport.

Smiles in other languages
In Azerbaijani - gülümsəmək

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