Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Smile 100:365

My Achilles is not happy at the moment so I put on some socks to make me smile about my feet. My MiL bought these for my Christmas a few years ago and, whilst I rarely wear them as they are really not me, they always make me smile. Why? Because Mu had no idea what Twitter was when she bought them, nor did she know what a Twitter-er I am. And they are sort of twee!
It was Day of Pink at ISW today; an anti-bullying celebration that comes from Canada apparently. Everyone had to wear pink, and two girls decided to bring in their pony and let people who were suitably attired ride it. Of course the pony - who was very very patient - was kitted out in pink too!

Finally,  I made the rest of my family smile by asking where the thunder cable for iPad Mini had gone. "Call yourself an ADE!" they thought!

Smile in other languages
In Semaphore -

Having made it to 100 and run out of languages for which I can find out how to say 'a smile', tomorrow I will start a new language series.

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