Thursday, 30 October 2014

MoreSmiles 303:365

I've accepted that autumn has arrived and changed over the clothes in my wardrobe today. Winter clothes take up so much more room, don't they? Still, glad to be reunited with some warm favourites and pleased that they mostly still fit although getting into my teal jeans was a laugh!  It also means that hats are back - hurrah!

Going to a funeral is never easy but when you've never been somewhere before there is always potential for incident. Isaac shared in the bafflement at Yardley Crematorium as we tried to work out where we were supposed to park (it seemed to be a case of abandon your car on the road wherever you wanted) and then in my bewilderment as I went out a different gate and we found ourselves on a mystery tour of the area, taking in the sights of Small Heath before GoogleMaps finally decided to help!

Finding new smileys on Facebook made me smile too as did the battle of the smileys in which Isaac and I engaged (Jude is still a month too young to join in) Isaac's were prominently football related so I claim the moral victory due to variety although Isaac wins for best comeback:

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