Saturday, 12 September 2015

LisaSmiles 255:365

A fairly successful park run time wise and I got to meet a member of the MFLTwitterati at the end. He's much faster than me! 

Robert's birthday party - you always know it's been a good one when you come home with Scotch egg in your hair. He finds me hilarious for some reason and I was nearly banished from the table because he was laughing so hysterically about stealing food from my plate. 
And then we read his new books over and over. Love him! 

And Last Night of the Proms was made all the richer by the comments of the boys. They even let me sing (although they sang too - just not the correct words!) 

Timehop popped this up today - perhaps I'm not too bad at art when it comes to winter trees. 

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