Saturday, 5 September 2015

LisasMiles 248:365

In spite of warnings about roadworks, I was on time for ParkRun. Apparently there was a goose on the road stopping people getting there too!
Although I swore I'd take it easy as I have a race tomorrow, I'd entered a Virtual 5K Race that had to be completed over the weekend so didn't take it as easy as I might have done so my time wasn't too shabby. 30 seconds off my PB isn't really going slow. Mix up with the results led to fun and games this afternoon but well done and thank you to all the volunteers who put it all right, and to the photographer who caught me with my eyes shut and my tongue out today!

The evening was spent as ⅓, and latterly ½ of The Missing Marmots quiz team. We finished a very commendable 3rd given that most other teams were at least twice as large as ours, and that we lost a member midway through the quiz. Whilst our (self appointed) team captain has now calmed down a little, I am still being harangued for losing us points as I swore a mystery (semi obscured) picture was David Beckham not Chris Hemsworth. Great time was had by all anyway and we hope Mim has a great time in Uganda :)

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