Sunday, 31 May 2015

LisasMiles 151:365

I did it. Hence I'm smiling. Can't say I enjoyed it much (apart from the start and finish!) and I'm not happy with how I felt or ran. 
I didn't think I'd be able to run at all and considering how much I've managed to run in the last six weeks I should really be happy that I made it to the end at all let alone in just over 10 minute miles (which should be please me as I must have been going some when I wasn't walking!)
And I can also stop obsessing about it now and get on with Prosecco drinking again! 

A long hot bath made me smile lots as did watching triathlon whilst lying on my bed dressed as a fluffy panda. And whilst my 'Running Lisa' crown feels wobbly today, I assumed 'Cooking Lisa' guise and made Chicken and chorizo pasta which was met with unanimous acclaim.

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