Tuesday, 6 January 2015

LisaSmiles 6:365

Things that made me smile today:
Back to school (second time this week) and shoehorning the entire school into the hall for assembly. A child suggesting that one of the Headteacher's New Year resolutions was to "drink more" had us giggling! (If you add "water", they were correct. 
A child misunderstanding what I said by taking me literally and thinking that their teacher would actually tell me to go away and not teach their class - he was quite indignant on my behalf. 
Two unexpected lads were my stars of the afternoon. Don't know what happened to them but I like it! 
And I fitted in a run before tea. A short one but that's Jantastic kicked off! 
Today's picture was actually taken in Vienna but I'd forgotten about it. 
New uses for coffee stirrers!

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