Monday, 3 June 2013

Smiles 155:365

My lovely cousin Lizzie posted this on her FB page. And it certainly made me smile. I agree wholeheartedly with Carly - hence this blog.

Other things that made me smile today.
Sharing Handa's surprise with M and M in their English class, and having a debate about whether the animal that butts the tangerines off the tree is the goat or the antelope. We said goat - and M and M did a great job explaining why - but the resources I'd downloaded to go with the story said the antelope did it.

Saw my friend Miquel on The One Show as Castellers de Vilafranca built human towers in Salisbury. (That's him in the middle of the picture!)

Sheldon on BBT in response to Leonard's expression of doubt - "I can confirm that I do have genitals and that they are functional and aesthetically pleasing."

Say cheese in other languages
In Indonesian you can also say Buncis which means green beans to make someone smile!

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