Friday, 31 May 2013

Smiles 151:365

Another farewell brunch today, and I have to award Henriette the prize for innovative use of a pot plant. That amused me but I made it worse by thinking I was flushing the toilet and flushing the urinal instead. (I swiftly rescued the plant from being drowned!)

And this infographic is lovely too.

Other things that made me smile today
Whilst working in the library, a little boy (5 years old) needed the toilet so I had to accompany him. However Mr Robinson didn't know this and looked rather puzzled as he came down the corridor as to why I was standing outside the boys toilets gazing in! I did explain!
Another child looked up from their book and asked me in all seriousness - 'What's a bogey?'
Being offered a lift back from school which saved us from getting absolutely soaked.
Isaac finished his exams. week.
I finished reading a lovely book - with a happy ending.

I've been neglecting my languages recently, but returning today -

Say cheese in other languagesIn Hungarian, you say Csíz [tʃi:z] which means small bird. 

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