Thursday, 16 July 2015

LisaSmiles 197:365

Another day of 'end of term' activities. Year 2 loved dancing to Chuchuwa and Year 5 enjoyed Lotto - none of them whinged about who had or hadn't won which was a refreshing change after previous squabbly classes - and we concluded the lesson with the loudest most enthusiastic Choco choco late song and dance ever. And then it was school disco time with the whole of year 5. They were the last into the disco which by this time was very hot - and whiffy!- but ignored this to either run around frantically, attempt backflips (put a stop to that one!) or shuffle across the floor on their bottoms. Some of them even danced! And then there was the twerking! Oh boy!

More smiles (and a few tears) as Year6 had their Leavers' Assembly. Lovely pictures of them 7 years ago when they were in Reception and special memories shared. And more dancing - and this lot did actually dance.

And this made me smile too! 

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