Thursday, 11 June 2015

LisaSmiles 162:365

Twelve boxes of Spanish stickers. This is only one of them. Certainly made y2 smile when they all got a sticker for working hard in Spanish! 
An extra long playtime led to two Y1s complaining that they were bored. I told them to make up a story, taking it in turns to 'write' a line. I started it with Once upon a time there was a dragon. They said they'd need paper. I said they should just talk and come and tell me what happened to the dragon when play finished. And they did! Apparently it was a sporty dragon who liked to play not an 'eating people' dragon. Made me smile! 
Gambling on the Jousting with y3 this afternoon was noisy but fun. 
And John is back; our new super king size bed is huge without him! 

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