Thursday, 23 April 2015

LisaSmiles 113:365

There is great joy in survival.
Don't know if anyone famous ever said that but it's true.

I've survived a day at work on crutches without too much pain (although one excited Y3 did accidentally give me kick as he enthusiastically simultaneously thrust his hand in the air and his foot forward to answer my question in guided reading...
Conducting assembly from an armchair is a new experience, and it wasn't altogether unpleasant.
Having to carry everything in a rucksack rather than my usual trolley on wheels meant I had to think carefully about what to carry.
I played an excellent C on the trumpet tonight before resuming impressions of flatulent elephants but Jude is managing not to laugh at me for which I am very grateful.

And today being Sant Jordi, I was reminded of Barcelona and all it means to me! 

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