Friday, 30 January 2015

LisasMiles 30:365

It was a beautiful morning running in the park. Crunchy snow underfoot and a clear piercing blue sky - so beautiful but I'd no camera to capture it as is left it in the kit bag in case I fell over and smashed it :( Still, my eyes enjoyed it! 
Also smiled when I'd finished the 5.3+ miles when I looked down and saw the amount of mud on my legs. Compared to others, significantly more! I think it's an inherited trait ;)

And for tea I made sausage risotto, a dish I perfected at uni and a recipe that was then stolen by many friends. The boys loved it and it tasted nearly as good as 24 years ago when I first made it! 

Other smiles:
Wasabi pea overdose as I tried to complete some trying, last minute paperwork. 
End of the week. 
Stories of school from the boys. 
John brought Lindt chocolates back from his travels. 

PS someone called Wendy Webb has posted a picture from the park this morning on Twitter so I've borrowed it! Thanks to @Sutton Observer for the retweet or I'd have missed it. 

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