Saturday, 10 January 2015

LisaSmiles 10:365

We went out for an 'we survived the first week back' meal this evening. 
A little umbrella in my dessert made me smile - so twee! 
I stuck two in my hair and Isaac told me I looked "like some weird umbrella rabbit". 
When we left, Isaac got into the back of the car where Jude wanted to sit so, before Isaac even had time to make full contact with the seat, Jude cannonballed him over to the other side of the car, taking possession of the preferred seat. 
Earlier in the day I went for a bike ride, smiling at a cat, a mouse (or rat - it ran across the path too quickly and it was quite dark!) a fox, five dogs and three swans. 
And watching Would I lie to you? over lunch made us all laugh, especially Lee Mack and the spider, and David Mitchell and the goldfish. 

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