Saturday, 24 January 2015

LisaSmiles 24:365

Utterly pooped so a short post.

Safely home and the train journey was quite pleasant with a carriage full of Leinster fans.

My roses ares till alive.

Coffee at Under Pressure.

And huge smiles as I had a blast being Lisa Stevens: eccentric bohemian charity commissioner in a MurderMystery event at church. I didn't do it but many thought I had had a hand in it thanks to my dislike of the birthday girl, ongoing (mutual) flirtation with her husband (my ex who left me for her 20 years previously) and the fact that the Reverend pack ham was in love with me. Jude was in it too and was very pleased that someone though it was him.

The only thing that spoilt it was my failure to take ANY photographs :(
However, this one from yesterday is mighty fine. 
I <3 Moby! 

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