Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LisaSmiles 21:365

Had a trying day but there were smiles along the way.

A lad in Y3 greeted me with a huge ¡Hola! and said "I'm here! I like Spanish. Yippee!"
Another older lad who finds Spanish hard gave me his work with a huge smile at the end of the lesson having completed it all correctly with minimum help whilst his (complacent) peers who thought they knew it were still asking 'what am I supposed to do?'.
Cupcake baking makes me smile - even if the mixer breaks mid batch - and eating them makes me smile even more.
Wolf Hall was very good. It scored 58 points on the 'WolfHall drinking game/bingo' card, largely due to lute interludes and needlework. Still waiting for 'Henry VIII standing with his legs so far apart it must be for a bet' which scores a whopping 10 points!
Off to BETT tomorrow after school.

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